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Keeper Artifacts are Heading Your Way!

You have seen the Hell Artifacts, but those are not the only new Artifacts that are coming to Albion Online. Find out all about the Keeper Artifacts here!

September 13, 2016 at 6:00 PM by Enya

As the Keepers make their comeback, they bring level 1 Artifacts with them. Channel Albion’s deepest and oldest magic with these powerful one-handed weapons, off-hand item and equipment set.

Let’s have a look!


Heron Spear (Spear line)

Throw your Heron Spear in your enemy’s face, dealing damage to both your target and everyone surrounding them.

Bedrock Mace (Mace line)

Using this Mace’s signature spell, Brute Force, you will stun your enemy and knock them away. If your initial target hits any other enemies, they will also get stunned!

Wildfire Staff (Fire Staff line)

The fan-favorite Magma Sphere finds its way back to Albion. Shoot out a devastating ball of magma in any direction, dealing damage and burning enemies on its path.

Hoarfrost Staff (Frost Staff line)

Use the Hoarfrost Staff’s signature spell, Avalanche, to launch a big, icy rock in a direction of your choosing. The giant ball of ice will grow bigger over time, dealing damage and freezing enemies on its way. Frozen enemies cannot move or attack, but cannot be damaged either.

Druidic Staff (Nature Staff line)

Save your allies from harm using the Druidic Staff’s ability Spiritual Seed. Three seconds after being casted, the targeted ally will be healed a significant amount.


Mistcaller (Torch line)

This carefully carved horn belongs to the Torch line. When equipped, this horn will reduce the cooldown of all your spells and abilities.

Armor Set

Druid Set (Cloth Armor line)

Used by the Druids of the Keepers, this cloth set has powerful magic storied inside. Absorb damage and root your enemies with Spirit of Vegeance, replenish Energy for you and your allies with Circle of Inspiration, and kite your enemies using Defenseless Rush.

What do you think of the upcoming Druid Artifact Items? Will you take on the Keepers to get your hands on any of them? Let us know in the comments below!

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