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Summer Alpha 2015: 7 Day Countdown

The world of Albion reopens to its citizens on June 29th. Next to lots of new features, maps and items, we are also very proud to present to you our tense new introduction video trailer.

June 22, 2015 at 10:45 AM by Christian

UPDATE: As many people have already asked, here are the start times for the Summer Alpha:

  • Legendary Founders: Monday (29th of June), 12:00pm CEST (06:00am EDT)
  • Epic Founders: Tuesday (30th of June), 12pm CEST (06:00am EDT)


The. Wait. Is. Over.

In only 7 days, our big Summer Alpha will finally begin. The world of Albion will open its ports for both seasoned and first-time settlers to populate it and experience the vast amount of new features and improvements implemented since the last Winter Alpha in January/February.

Say that again, when does the Summer Alpha start?

--- Monday, the 29th of June ---

And to get you even more hyped, we are more than excited to share our epic and brand-new introduction video trailer with you:


For all experienced citizens of Albion, Bercilak has also shared an update with everythign that’s new in Albion since the last Alpha in this forum thread.

You haven’t played yet but want to give it a shot now? Our founder’s packs don’t only grant you access to the various tests but are also supporting the further development of Albion Online.

So if you want to take part in the upcoming Summer Alpha, make sure that you get your Legendary (start on Monday) or Epic (start on Tuesday) Founder’s Pack now:


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