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Flora and Fauna of the Steppes

Time to explore the flora and fauna of the New World! Today we are taking a closer look at the resources and mobs of the steppes.

June 21, 2016 at 3:00 PM by Enya

One biome at a time, we are taking a closer look at the flora and fauna that can be found in the New World. What can you expect the biome to look like? What resources can you find? Which dangerous mobs lurk around the corner?

Today, we’re showing you what you can expect to find in your adventures through the steppes!

Green, Red and Dead Zones

Biomes will look differently depending on where you are in the world. The more dangerous a zone, the more grim the land will appear. There are three different types, based on the Tier of the cluster (not the type of PvP zone!): Green (Tier 1 to 4), Red (Tier 5 and 6) and Dead (Tier 7 and 8). Here are the Green, Red and Dead steppes:

Green steppes:

Red steppes:

Dead steppes:


The different factions of Albion are not particularly fond of each other, which is why they each reside in different biomes. The only exception are the Heretics, which can be found in every biome, including the steppes.

The Morgana faction has claimed the more dangerous steppe lands as their own, building strong wooden forts to keep out enemies and protect their dungeons. In the steppes, adventurers can encounter Morgana mobs ranging from Tier 4 to Tier 8! 


Every biome has three different resource-types. The most abundant resource of the steppes is Hide, which can be gathered from the various new mobs. Fiber will be commonly found as well, though less so than the hide mobs, and the rarest resource in the steppes is Ore – with higher tier stones and trees nowhere to be found. As in every biome, there will be (decorative) Tier 1 Trees and Stone though.

Hide Mobs

As the steppes have Hide as a main resource, there need to be mobs to provide that hide! Unlike current regular mobs, these animals do not guard other resources. Several of them will also be available as mounts, however not yet at the start of Final Beta.

Do note that specific mob and hide names might change.

TIER 1: Marmot

The Marmot resembles a large squirrel and is basically harmless. Unfortunately we could not yet provide an image, as the Marmot is still a work in progress! Being the rabbit of the steppes, it can be skinned for Tier 1 Scraps of Hide.

TIER 2: Impala

The Impala is very laid back and spends most of its day grazing the steppe lands. Kill an impala to skin its Tier 2 Rugged Hide.

TIER 3: Moa Bird

This giant, flightless bird somewhat resemble an ostrich. It can be skinned for Tier 3 Thin Hide.

TIER 4: Giant Stag

The Giant Stag boasts an impressive pair of antlers, and upon death can be skinned for Tier 4 Medium Hide.

TIER 5: Terror Bird

The Terror Bird holds true to their name! It is more aggressive than any other hide mob in the steppes, attacking adventurers on sight. This crazy giant chicken can be skinned for Tier 5 Heavy Hide. Ride it… if you dare!

TIER 6: Rhinoceros

The Rhinoceros has thick skin and a menacing horn, making it a tough opponent. It can be skinned for Tier 6 Robust Hide

TIER 7: Mammoth

The wooly Mammoth might look fairly harmless and fuzzy, but should not be underestimated. This gigantic animal is not very aggressive, but is very dangerous once attacked. Take on this mob at your own risk! The Mammoth can be skinned for Tier 7 Thick Hide.

TIER 8: Ancient Mammoth

The Mammoth’s older brother, the Ancient Mammoth, is the most powerful of all steppes’ hide mobs. It can be skinned for Tier 8 Resilient Hide.

Critter Mobs

Critter mobs are mythical creatures, guarding Albion’s resources. They are deeply connected to the biome they are in and upon death, allow players to gather resources specific to their biome. The vicious Cougar, Sabretooth Tiger and Mature Sabretooth Tiger are the critter mobs for the steppes, appearing at respectively Tier 3, 5 and 7. Be careful, as these big cats are very aggressive!

Are you looking forward to explore the steppes? Which mobs would you like to see as a mount? Let us know in the comments below!


Skies July 26, 2017 05:22

I wanna kill that mammoth READ MORE SHOW LESS

Kabster July 29, 2016 12:12

Definitely the tiger! READ MORE SHOW LESS

Blinkz July 25, 2016 11:51

haha love the Impala, reminds me of the good old days of age of empires!

shafi July 8, 2016 23:32

Tiger will be good mount for pvp and fast.
also there is an idea regarding raise animal,it should change it to taming them and have very low chance to Success and if you succeeded you will get the mount if you failed you should kill the mob because when you trying to taming it will attack you instead to get of looting pups READ MORE SHOW LESS

Loquendo July 7, 2016 20:06

The Giant Stag would be a nice ride as well as the Tigers READ MORE SHOW LESS

Optimalist July 2, 2016 11:01

Mammoth mount for 2 players. Player one is the driver, player two can operate a ranged weapon. READ MORE SHOW LESS

SPLINTFOX June 29, 2016 00:28

Ooohh and 1 more thing, as we are talking about mounts and animals and mobs, its a game with knights and mages, .... we need an end boss dragon who spits fire and slashes its tale, maybe a next kind of dungeon :) READ MORE SHOW LESS

SPLINTFOX June 29, 2016 00:23

The effect of finding a puppy with direwolfs is nice, so maybe except for horses and oxes it would be nice to have that with the other mounts to, it makes hunting them more interesting READ MORE SHOW LESS

Jameshelper June 25, 2016 16:42

rhino mounts and saber tooth tiger mounts would be sweet maybe even some mammoth mounts could be cool

SPLINTFOX June 24, 2016 00:38

Honest, all nice except for the mamoth, looks a bit meh, i like the rhino and tiger, the bird is fun , nice to see more animals in the game, makes it more real, in the end the gameplay needs to be finished but i hope even after release there are more kinds of mobs and animals to come, or maybe seasonal dungeons, like in the summer a special mob boss comes to life and goes back to sleep in winter, or events like , oh no its april , special mobs from the see come to shore , everyone bexare they are lethal , but once killed you might get ressourses for a special artificial armor, just avaible for that event .... just ideas srry , let my fantasy go a bit, got so many ideas , this game is great and has lots of potential for years to come READ MORE SHOW LESS

annieoakley June 23, 2016 16:21

Sabre tooth tiger! READ MORE SHOW LESS

Ashtarot June 23, 2016 07:33

It's beautiful... READ MORE SHOW LESS

KiTty June 23, 2016 06:25

damn does this mean new mounts too!?!?!?!? wtf!!!!!! cant eait for new mounts ya!!!!! READ MORE SHOW LESS

Helel June 22, 2016 17:06

I want my Choco...Terror Bird mount! =)

P.S. Announce date for Beta2 already! READ MORE SHOW LESS

EMP June 22, 2016 09:15


Reenoah June 22, 2016 02:35

Mammoth and Ancient Mammoths? you guys ran out of ideas like a big lizard (Megalania) or giant arachnids.. at least make the ancient Mammoth color white or something more unique like tri-horn mammoth or flying dumbo. :D READ MORE SHOW LESS

vashangelarm June 21, 2016 23:51

terror bird mount chocobo READ MORE SHOW LESS

Verdandi June 21, 2016 22:40

I personally do not like the zone tint. To me it just makes the world look dingy. Is this a filter or is it worked into the map's creation? I understand this is to make it clear which zone you are in, but I would request an option to turn off the tint. I like the scenery to look beautiful even *or especially* in contrast with looming danger. READ MORE SHOW LESS

DaggerWillo June 21, 2016 21:08

for me mounts are not priority thats a waste of time that could be used on alot more important things, like biomes and getting the game more playable. like actual quest. READ MORE SHOW LESS

iCampAlot June 21, 2016 20:34

Mounts aren't as important to us as furthering the game to Beta2 and then Launch, but I would love to see in the future mounts of Terror bird, Marmots, Saber Tooth, and Rhino's. Keep up the good work, looking forward to exploring the new world in Beta 2!!! READ MORE SHOW LESS

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