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Season 8 Starts Saturday

Read up on what's coming and learn how to earn season points for your guild.

January 31, 2020 at 9:07 AM by PrintsKaspian

The Avalonians have returned, and the Outlands have been shattered and remade. This new continent is ripe for the taking - does your guild have what it takes to claim a piece of Albion?

Season 8 offers a fresh start for Albion's guilds, with territories in the new Outlands becoming claimable starting at 18:00 UTC. You can view the season schedule with all important dates and times in this forum post.

To help newer players (as well as those returning to the game), we've put together this guide to show the ways you can earn points during guild seasons.

How to Earn Season Points

1. Territories

In the new Outlands introduced with the Queen update, regions at the outer edge of the continent are lower-tier and have a lower "quality level". This means that they not only have lower tiers of resources like wood, hide, and fish, but also that their territories give fewer season points. As you move inward toward the center of the continent, zone tier and quality increases.

Territories score 40, 80, 120, 160, 200 or 240 season points every day at the zone's prime time, depending on the territory's position in the Outlands. The closer to the center the territory is, the more season points it scores.

Daily territory earnings can be further increased by leveling up your Tower via Crystal League Matches:

  • Level 1 Tower: base Season Points
  • Level 2 Tower: Territory Season Point earnings increased by 10%
  • Level 3 Tower: Territory Season Point earnings increased by 20%
  • Level 4 Tower: Territory Season Point earnings increased by 30%
  • Level 5 Tower: Territory Season Point earnings increased by 40%
  • Level 6 Tower: Territory Season Point earnings increased by 60%
  • Level 7 Tower: Territory Season Point earnings increased by 80%
  • Level 8 Tower: Territory Season Point earnings increased by 100%

When a guild owns a territory, that territory's siphoning mages will constantly gather energy and season points. These are accumulated until the territory's prime time, when they are delivered to the owning guild. Mages can be killed (and their energy and points stolen) by enemy guilds - see "mage raiding" below.

For a breakdown of Season Point earnings by cluster, see this post.

2. Castles and Castle Outposts

Castles and castle outposts score every day at the zone's prime time, giving points to the currently owning guild.

  • Claiming a castle involves killing all the guards and a final boss. Castles give 120, 240, 360, 480, 600 or 720 season points every day at the zone's prime time, depending on the castle's position in the Outlands.
  • Castle outposts are smaller and have easier guards, but give one-fourth the season points relative to castles in similar zones. Like castles, they give season points once per day at the zone's prime time.

3. Crystal League

The new Crystal League introduced with the Queen update gives several ways to earn season points. In addition to raising your territory tower level by winning Crystal League matches entered through the territory (see above), you can earn season points as a direct per-player award for all Crystal League matches level 2 or above:

  • Level 2: 1 point/player
  • Level 3: 5 points/player
  • Level 4: 25 points/player
  • Level 5: 100 points/player
  • Level 6: 500 points/player
  • Level 7: 1000 points/player
  • Level 8: 3000 points/player
  • Level 9: 10000 points/player

4. Mage Raiding

Siphoning mages collect siphoned energy and season points continuously and "pay" them to the owning guild at the territory prime time. When a mage is defeated by an enemy guild, they drop a set amount of energy and season points. This amount scales with the cluster quality - to see a full list of cluster values, please see this post.

5. Guild Challenge

Similar to Adventurer's Challenges, which give rewards for open-world activities like farming, fishing, gathering, and killing creatures, Guild Challenges give Guild Challenge Points for the same activities. Earn Challenge Points to unlock the next level - each new level gives 300 season points and 300 siphoned energy to your guild.

6. Alliance Point Sharing

To make an alliance's choice of guilds more meaningful, Alliance Point Sharing was introduced with the Avalonian Invasion. Under this system, all points generated by a guild are now shared among all guilds in the alliance. This benefits small guilds the most, while ensuring that large guilds are careful about bringing too many guilds into their alliances.

For full details of Alliance Point Sharing, see this post.

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