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Season 8 Brings Incredible New Rewards

The first Guild Season of the new Outlands starts this Saturday.

January 28, 2020 at 10:55 AM by PrintsKaspian

Albion's eighth Guild Season starts on Saturday, February 1. As always, guilds that reach a high enough rank can claim an avatar, avatar ring, and an incredible mount: the massive Behemoth!

As this mount is still a work in progress, its exact stats, abilities, and appearance are not final. We can tell you it will have various delayed long-range attacks that are especially helpful when fighting over a specific spot, plus utility abilities to support foot soldiers. This mount will be awarded to guilds who reach Silver Rank or higher during Season 8, with increasingly higher stats (and increasingly epic appearances) with each successive tier.

The winning guild will receive a statue among the past Guild Season winners in Conquerors' Hall, which can now be accessed via all major cities. As always, the second- and third-place winners' guild banners will be on display as well. Stop by and pay your respects to all the past winners on your way to the Outlands!

Numerous changes are coming with Season 8, including open-world territory control, the new Crystal League, Smart Cluster Queues and Zerg Debuffs. We will soon be releasing a comprehensive guide to the new territory control system, so stay tuned - and be sure to tune in to AlbionTV on Saturday, February 1 when all the Invasion Day action goes down!

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