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Season 13 and Crystal League Championship Winners Announced!

Check out the highlights from the latest Guild Season and 5v5 Championship.

September 24, 2021 at 11:30 AM by printskaspian, shozen

With the Coalition’s war against the Empire already well underway when Season 13 began, some wondered if declarations of Blue Army’s victory were premature. Others, however, believed that the return of several veteran players all but ensured their triumph. And indeed, by the time the season ended Blue Army had amassed more points than any guild had previously managed, surpassing one million season points while also earning second place for their secondary guild Blue Army Freemen. At the end of the season the Coalition was defeated, with their forces disbanded, destroyed, or simply moved along. In the final days only Elevate and Guildzinha remained standing. While the rest of the Coalition folded, Yur Mum stayed to fight.

Here are the season’s top ten teams:

1. Blue Army - 1,142,391 points
2. Blue Army Freemen - 751,245 points
3. Reject Sanity - 579,181 points
4. I DOOM I - 473,263 points
5. Aesirs - 417,168 points
6. SUN - 328,043 points
7. Elevate - 273,952 points
8. Iron Hand - 270,359 points
9. GOSTOP - 266,870 points
10. JUST4 FUN - 263,926 points

Season 13 Video Roundup

In the 5v5 Crystal League, few teams are as respected and feared as Cargera’s - referred to as The Meta or The Final Boss - and it is rare to see them challenged. In this match, Rafikon’s team gives them as much as they can possibly handle in an absolute brawl:

In a season full of incredible fights between the forces of POE and Elevate, this battle may have been the best. POE has Elevate surrounded but Elevate have the high ground and control of two choke points:

Every season new faces join the war, and in this interview Shozen talks to Monjp - GM of Rising King and shot caller for the SIX alliance:

Naptime Takes the Crystal League Crown!

Season 13’s best 5v5 teams faced off over the weekend in the latest Crystal League Championship, and the results are in. Naptime has claimed the top prize!

Participation in the Crystal League Championship is a mighty achievement in itself, of course, so big congratulations are also due to the 2nd-4th placed teams:

  • 2nd place: Wendy’s
  • 3rd place: Purple Cobras
  • 4th place: Gone Fishin’

Once again, massive congratulations to Naptime and to everyone who took part in our showcase 5v5 event. Here are the weekend’s final brackets:

Check out the grand finals:

Thanks to the whole AlbionTV crew of Shozen, Lewpac, Tazzik, Bogul, and Robinhoodrs, as well as Community Manager Nesnes, for their great work and for keeping everything running smoothly. Next up is a special, shorter Energy Surge Season, which kicks off on September 25th. Check out the schedule in this forum post and get ready to earn your HQ Hideout!

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