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Roadmap to Closed Beta Released

Last Monday, the big Summer Alpha 2015 came to an end with a big bang event. Having collected valuable feedback and data, we have identified cool improvements to work on until the Closed Beta.

July 31, 2015 at 4:51 PM by Christian

With the Castle Rock’n’Roll Event last Monday, the Summer Alpha 2015 came to a respectable end. We have seen 4 intense and record-breaking weeks in many regards, for which we would like to thank all Founders who have participated in the Alpha and have supported us tremendously.

As usual, we want to share some stats with you that showcase the magnitude of the event very well. While the test was only running for 4 weeks, the total playtime of all players combined amounted to a staggering 600,000 hours – yes, that is 25,000 days or 68.5(!) years. Also, the trend of harmless bunny slaying seems to have continued or even accelerated – our condolences go out to the 1,749,415 helpless bunnies who fell victim to the cold-blooded conquest of the lands of Albion.

Other stats included:

Naturally, even more important than these numbers are the tons of valuable feedback we have received from you. It is our persistent goal to improve Albion Online further for you and your opinion as well as the countless data collected is what matters most to us in this quest.

What's next?

Based on that, we are more than happy to present to you the roadmap to the Closed Beta for Albion Online (that’s right – farewell Alphas, forever!).

Some highlights from the Roadmap include:

  • Flattening of the gear power curve to ensure more balanced PvP
  • Tailoring gear to 19 different combat styles
  • Removal of Silver Tax
  • Complete rework of Learning Points system
  • Expansions on the „Hellgate“ concept (e.g. 1vs.1 hellgates or 5vs5vs5)
  • Introduction of Open World PvP events
  • Improved Guild Management tools and logs
  • And many, many, more!

But have a look yourself at Bercilak’s roadmap to the Closed Beta in our forum:


Let us know what you think in the comments – we hope you are as excited as we are about all improvements to the world of Albion and the upcoming start of the Closed Beta!

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