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The Rites of Spring Begins Today!

Hunt for treasure, claim loot and prizes, and get a brand-new mount.

April 12, 2022 at 9:50 AM by JudgeNutmeg

Rejoice, spring has returned to Albion! As life flourishes across the lands, today marks the beginning of a special, two-week in-game event: the Rites of Spring.

With decorations in the cities, treasures and rewards springing up all over the open world, and a unique, brand-new item available, Albion will be teeming with life for the next fortnight. To mark the occasion we made a special event trailer, which you can watch below. More information follows…

Treasures Galore

The Rites of Spring sees Albion filled with treasure for players to hunt down. All types of chests usually found in the open world will spawn at a much increased rate for the next two weeks. Alongside these, a new Spring Treasure Chest will appear, which has the chance of containing special, themed items.

On top of that, giant Colored Eggs are once again sprouting from the ground, which can be broken open for Surprise Eggs and chocolate. And both the chests and, on rare occasions, the Colored Eggs may themselves contain a particularly special type of egg if you’re very lucky…

That’s No Ordinary Rabbit

Rumors have been circulating throughout Albion of a strange, never-before-seen entity with unique powers bounding across the lands. And after much investigation it can be confirmed that there is indeed a brand-new creature out there: the Spring Cottontail!

This is a rare, speedy, Tier 8 mount with a special Hop ability, and is sure to be widely coveted. It requires no Destiny Board unlocks to use, so all characters can find, raise, and ride one from today. And all stages of its growth are fully tradable, meaning they can be bought and sold at Marketplaces. They’re out there now, so hop to it!

The Eggsecutioner Returns

Spring is a busy time for Albion’s tireless vanity merchants, and they’ll once again be selling their wares in return for gold and Surprise Eggs. Among their products you can find:

  • The fearsome Eggsecutioner vanity weapon
  • Stylish "Bunny Stalker" Armor, Hats, and Backpack
  • Delicious Chocolate Bars
  • Alluring Fool’s Golden Eggs
  • And more…

With all this going on, Albion will be bustling with life as players hunt down treasures, trade seasonal goods in the cities, and take their new Spring Cottontails out for a ride. Check out the Rites of Spring Patchnotes here, and go join in the fun!

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