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Strike Your Enemies Down with the Reaver Vanity Bundle

Step out from the night in this new costume and mount skin.

May 11, 2022 at 10:48 PM by JudgeNutmeg

The Reaver has arrived! Available now from the in-game store, this premium vanity bundle includes a full costume set along with a matching Reaver’s Armored Horse skin for your Armored Horse base mount.

With dark, metallic armor from head to toe and a thick, black cape, the Reaver strikes fear into even the most hardened souls in Albion. The Reaver’s Armored Horse comes clad in the same burnished armor and thick, black fabric - a terrifying sight indeed as you bear down upon your foes. As Season 15 nears its climax, this is the perfect outfit to engage in epic territory battles.

The Reaver Bundle includes the following vanity skins, which work on male and female characters alike:

  • Reaver's Helmet
  • Reaver's Armor
  • Reaver's Boots
  • Reaver's Cape
  • Reaver's Armored Horse

As with past bundles, you can use all costume and mount skins with all characters on your account, and they are never lost or destroyed. All items will be unlocked in the in-game "Appearance" menu after purchase.

Enter the fight today with this premiere bundle and unleash your power!

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