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[Warning] Be Careful of Fake Websites!

Do not enter your login data on any other website than albiononline.com!

August 1, 2017 at 4:30 PM by Enya

Hello everyone!

Recently, some people have started to use the in-game chat to lure players to websites trying to phish the login data to your Albion Online account. This is often done by users pretending to be Game Masters, promising you a gift if you go to their page and “log in to claim your reward”.

Do not enter your login data on any other website than albiononline.com. Doing so will compromise the security of your account!

How do I recognize a phishing attempt?

First of all, official Game Masters have a different colored (GM) mark next to their name, and will never ask you to go the website to claim a reward.

Secondly, fake websites do not use the URL albiononline.com. Their designs very closely resemble the design of our own webpage and differs only in details, for example the font being wrong.

What if I receive messages from a fake Game Master?

Please take a screenshot and send it to our support here or by mailing support@albiononline.com

Help, I entered my log in data on a fake website!

If you have fallen for a phishing attempt, go to albiononline.com and change your password as soon as possible! If you can no longer log in to your account, contact our support via support@albiononline.com.

Thank you for your attention!

- Team Albion Online

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