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Patch 3 is Here

Today's patch brings important changes to Outlands respawn rules.

February 12, 2020 at 9:18 AM by PrintsKaspian

The third weekly patch since the launch of the Queen update is now live, bringing a much-requested update to Outlands respawn behavior along with various bug fixes. Most importantly, Outland towns are no longer classified as visited cities when choosing "Last City" as a respawn option. This allows players to respawn from Outlands to a Royal city, whereas previously players could find themselves "stuck" in an Outland town, as the only way to get out was by walking to a portal several zones away.

Players based in the Outlands can now also travel more freely to the Royals. Here's how it works:

  • Players who base themselves in one of the Outland towns or a Hideout can now essentially "fast-travel" back to the Royals to visit their islands, do farming, etc.
  • This is done by dying in the Outlands (either in a fight or via /suicide) and respawning in "Last City" in the Royals, which no longer removes the "Home" respawn setting
  • The "Home" respawn setting is removed when a player chooses to re-enter the Outlands via a Realmgate

Thus, while this new system gives players options to base themselves in the Outlands and continue using the Royals at the same time, it does not allow them to move forces back and forth between two Outlands access points. To illustrate this, under this new system you could not do the following:

  • Be in a Hideout
  • Die and respawn in a Royal city
  • Go through the city's Realmgate
  • Attack a territory near the Outland portal
  • Die and respawn back at your Hideout to execute another attack

These changes are intended to give Outlands players easier and more streamlined access to the Royals, without giving them unfair advantages in power projection, logistics, and transport.

For more background on these changes, as well as an idea of our future plans for streamlining and updating this system, please see this forum post.

For precise details of this change, as well as a complete list of bug fixes, please see the official patch notes.

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