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New World: The Royal Islands and The Outlands

We are restructuring the entire Albion Online World. Read all about the new Islands and Continent here!

June 15, 2016 at 5:30 PM by Enya

Albion Online is getting a completely new World Map with the release of the Final Beta this summer. And with completely new, we are not just talking about the new biomes you have already heard about. It is time to say goodbye to the current East and West continent, and welcome the Royal Islands and The Outlands!

Why the New World?

First of all, we wanted the yellow and red zones to be more accessible for newer players, without them being pushed away by guilds. The solution to that is created the two Royal Islands, which consist of green, yellow and red zones. There will be no guild territories to fight over, making them perfect for casual and small scale PvP.

Secondly, black zones currently only make up a small part of the world, leaving little room for guilds and hardcore PvP. This will be changed by introducing the Outlands, a black zone-only continent which will be larger than both Royal Islands combined!

Note that all names and images used below are concepts and may be different in the final version of the New World. The Highlands and Forest biomes will not yet be included at the start of Final Beta, but will be added before the official release of the game! They are currently replaced by respectively Mountains and Swamps.

Here is a legend for the maps below:

The Royal Islands

Two islands lay in front of the Albion shores, both colonized and governed by the Royal Expeditionary Forces: The King’s Isle and the Queen’s Isle.   

King’s Isle

Named after the King of the Old World, this island can be found in the south-east of the world map. It is the larger of the two Royal Islands, with a total of 120 clusters. New adventurers arrive in the West, while veterans willing to travel to The Outlands can do so in the harbors in the east of the island.

Queen’s Isle

The Queen’s Isle can be found in the South-West and has a total of 114 clusters. Players who arrive here, start their journey in the South, and have to travel up north to find the island’s harbors.

Regions and Resources
Regions and resources up to Tier 7 can be found on the Royal Islands, with the majority of the land being Tier 4 and 5.

Consisting of green (Tier 1 to Tier 4), yellow (Tier 5) and red (Tier 6 and Tier 7) zones, these islands can be considered relatively safe. There are no territories for guilds to conquer, and killing players is considered a crime which may result in a murderer to be banished from the Islands’ cities. However, don’t be fooled into thinking you are completely safe from harm! The red zones are still riddled with dangers and you can be brutally murdered at any given time.

Those who enjoy to trade, craft and smaller scale PvP will certainly find their place on these Islands, while more hardcore players can use the harbors to travel to the dangerous Outlands.

The Outlands

Disclaimer: Mob Camps are not displayed on this concept map, but will be present in The Outlands.

The Outlands are the untamed part of Albion, with no Royal Expeditionary Forces to enforce any laws. This is where guilds are free to claim territories and wage wars, plundering and murdering as they please. The Outlands are also the richest in resources and treasures, but be careful as powerful creatures roam the lands as well.

Being bigger than both the Royal Islands combined, there will be plenty of space for you to claim and conquer land, as well as hunt down (or be hunted by) your enemies!

Regions and Resources
Regions on The Outlands range from Tier 5 to Tier 8, with the lowest resources being Tier 3. The only exceptions are Tier 1 wood and stone, which can be found in every region. Tier 2 resources cannot be found in The Outlands, and players will need to bring them over from the Royal Islands through the harbors.

The Outlands are everything but safe, consisting of black danger zones only. Everyone is considered hostile in PvP, regardless of flagging, and can be executed and fully looted upon death. Those who want to hide from danger will have to resort to cities or their guild’s home territory.

It is not advised to head out into The Outlands on your own, however guilds will certainly find what they need here.

What are your thoughts on the Royal Islands and The Outlands? Let us know in the comments below!

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