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Upcoming Feature: Persistent Mounts

Sick of constant mounting and dismounting while gathering? Say goodbye to needless frustrations with the introduction of persistent mounts!

October 21, 2016 at 12:00 PM by Enya

In order to make mounted gathering much more convenient, we are introducing a new feature to our current mount system: persistent mounts. Station your mount in the open world and walk around, without losing its load bonus!

This new system will be implemented in the next content update, coming this November!

Being Temporarily Dismounted

While mounted, using the mount button will no longer fully dismount your character, but instead will put you in a state of being temporarily dismounted. You are no longer sitting on your mount, however you aren’t fully dismounted either; your trusty steed will be standing next to you in the open world.

As long as you stay in the vicinity of your mount, you maintain the same load capacity as if you are being mounted. This makes the mode ideal for travelling gatherers, as it allows you to walk freely to resource nodes within your mount’s range. If you happen to click on a resource node while mounted, you will automatically be temporarily dismounted and start gathering.

All other buffs you get from your mount are removed, such as the speed, armor and crowd control resistance stats. Similar to how dismounting works now, all your spells and abilities will go on cooldown as well.

While being temporarily dismounted, your mount is safe from danger. Mobs will not attack it, and fellow adventurers are not able to harm or steal your mount either. Do note that this only applies to your mount: you can still be attacked by anything and anyone! As long as you do not engage in active PvP combat yourself, you will remain temporarily dismounted. You are free to attack any PvE mobs within range, without fearing a full dismount.

Need to make a quick escape? Click on your mount to rapidly remount, much faster than regular mounting.

Fully Dismounting

If you are not interested in having your ride chill out in the open world, you can still fully dismount. Do remember that if your mount is missing health, it will go on a cooldown.

There are several scenarios in which you will completely dismount:

  • You move out of the range of your mount while being temporarily dismounted.
  • You unequip your mount while being temporarily dismounted.
  • You log out while being temporarily dismounted.
  • You start a duel while being temporarily dismounted.
  • You engage in active PvP combat while being temporarily dismounted.
  • You get knocked down while being temporarily dismounted.
  • You are killed while being temporarily dismounted.
  • Your mount’s health reaches 0 while being mounted.

Additional Changes

The mounts of Albion will also undergo several balance changes.

First of all, a mount’s health is no longer linked to its rider. If you are under attack while mounted, only your mount will be damaged. If it dies, you will be able to fight your opponent with full HP!  The health of mounts will be adjusted as well. For example, horses and wolves will be easier to take down, while oxen get increased HP.

Secondly, the mount’s speed increase will be adjusted as well, making the progression over tiers more linear. This will ensure that higher tier rides are not impossibly faster, making sure they are not uncatchable. 

You can try out the persistent mount feature yourself in the next content update, coming next month. Let us know your feedback and thoughts in the comments below or on our forums!

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