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New Website Feature: Killboard!

Today, we are officially releasing a new website feature, which has all the PvP information you need!

August 11, 2016 at 1:00 PM by Enya

We are very proud to announce the Killboard, a new feature on our website that has all the PvP-related information your heart desires!

Where can I find this new Killboard?

Either click here or click Killboard on the website’s navigation bar. You will find it in between Videos and Community!

What information can I find on the Killboard?

PvP Kills

Here you can find the top PvP kills for the current week, the previous week, the current month and the last month.

Scroll down and you will find the most recent PvP kills. You cannot see where a kill happened and the killboard has a slight delay, so you still need to be on your toes when venturing in PvP zones!

For more information about a kill, simply click on ‘details’ and you will be able to see who participated in the fight, what equipment they were wearing and what the victim had in their inventory at the time of death. You can also see which guild and alliance everyone is in.


The Battles tab shows the top Open World battles, ranked by total Kill Fame. By clicking on ‘details’, you can find out where the battle took place, how long it lasted, who was involved and more!

Similar to kills, you can sort these battles for the current week, the previous week, the current month and the previous month.

GvG Matches

Make sure you are up to date with the latest Guild vs. Guild battles by checking out the GvG Matches tab! Here you can not only see recently fought guild battles, but you can also check out upcoming encounters.

The most promising fights are featured on top, under ‘Top 3 Upcoming GvG Matches’. These featured fights are based on the total amount of PvP fame the competitors have earned within the last two weeks. The exact algorithm might still be fine-tuned in the future.


The Leaderboard is exactly what its name implies; here you can see the best of the best! Find out which players and guilds have the highest kill fame for the time period of your choosing (this week, last week, this month or last month).

Additionally, the Leaderboard also shows the top players based on their Kill/Death Fame ratio.


Last, but certainly not least, is the comparison function. Here you can compare up to five guilds with each other, comparing basic info, overall PvP stats and the top five players per guild based on their PvP Fame.

Search bar

Can’t find what you are looking for in the tabs? Use the search bar on the top right to search for a player or guild of your choice and find out all you need to know!

Can I share my kills and battles with my friends?

If you want to boast about your recent victories, we have got your covered, as you can share everything from the Killboard on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Reddit!

What do you think of the new Killboard? Let us know your feedback and thoughts in the comments below!

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