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Lancelot Arrives on March 12

Lancelot, the third content update for Albion Online, is coming soon! Take a look at what's in store for the game.

February 26, 2018 at 12:31 PM by PrintsKaspian

Our third major content update, Lancelot, arrives on March 12, bringing a huge number of new features, changes, and improvements to the world of Albion.

First Up: Fishing!

Cast a line into Albion's rivers, lakes and oceans to catch fish, then cook them into meals or make them into trophies. There's even a complete set of fishing armor and a brand-new Destiny Board path. Get hooked!

Other Additions and Changes

  • Guild Quality-of-Life Improvements - With a new management system, guilds can assign roles and manage resources with ease.
  • Server Performance Improvements - Numerous server performance improvements are on the way, particularly during large-scale battles.
  • GvG Season Improvements - Rogue Mages and numerous balancing changes will bring new energy and intensity to the second GvG season.
  • New Artifact Armors - With their powerful spells, Tier 3 Artifact Armors will offer not only new defensive strategies, but offensive ones as well. 
  • Roaming Mobs - Mobs now spawn throughout the open world, offering huge rewards to adventurers willing to hunt them down.
  • Luxury Goods - These special mob drops have values attached to certain cities, requiring them to be transported through dangerous zones. 
  • New Hellgates - Hardcore players can now seek out Lesser Hellgates to partake in spontaneous full-loot PvP much more easily. 
  • New Expedition - "In the Raven's Claws" tasks adventurers with rescuing a captured agent from the clutches of the Disciples of Morgana.
  • Additional Improvements - Ballistas, Tomes of Insight, bugfixes, and much more

For a more detailed list of everything coming with Lancelot, visit our update page.

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