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New Victory Emotes Are Here

Celebrate your kills in style with six new emotes!

October 5, 2022 at 9:52 AM by JudgeNutmeg

Albion can be a harsh land, where the winner takes all while the loser limps back to town. Each victory is an accomplishment, so when you do get a hard-earned PvP kill, Victory Emotes are the perfect way to leave your mark on the battlefield! These celebratory flourishes were first introduced with the Into the Fray update, and with today's patch, there are now six new emotes to choose from: Platform Banners (one each for mobile, PC, and Controller), Sword, Hammer, and Hellgate.

Victory Emotes can be equipped in the in-game Appearance menu, and offer a wide variety of audiovisual effects that play automatically upon killing another player. Each time the effect is triggered, one charge is consumed. Each Emote can be recharged in a variety of ways.

How to get Emotes and Charges

Charges for all Victory Emotes are purchasable with Gold in the Appearance menu, and come in different bundle sizes and prices depending on the Emote’s rarity. In addition, you can also get charges through Twitch Drops – for more info on those, click here.

For more details about Victory Emotes and how they work, see this forum post.

Pick up some Victory Emotes and charges today and get ready to show off your skills!

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