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Guild Spotlight: Infinite

In our newest guild spotlight we check out the international guild Infinite! Learn more about their history, fought battles and their plans for the future.

September 20, 2016 at 5:00 PM by UrzaKeFrostgard

Some of strongest guilds in Albion have a long standing history, but then there are those guilds that unexpectedly come out of nowhere to write history instead having one. Infinite is one of those guilds. They suddenly appeared and succeeded in fighting their way to the top. If you want to know more about them – keep reading!

The History and the Creation of Infinite

Every good story needs to start somewhere and the story of Infinite started in the middle of the first Closed Beta. The guilds “The Black Tooth Clan” (primarily EU), “Core” (primarily Oceanic and US) and “Lethal” (US), which were bound through an alliance, realized that Albion Online was “designed for slightly larger groups of players.” While all of them were “excellent in their own way”, the leaders of those guilds started to discuss the best option to keep moving forward.

As all three guilds had similar goals and play styles, they decided to merge into one guild to become a notorious power-house. Thanks to the fact that all of the three guilds covered a different time zone, the new guild was able to cover all of them as well. Through their guild system, leadership and never-ending effort, the new guild was able to fight against guilds like KDS or Aegis on equal footing. The result of that dedication was the domination of more than 30 territories at the end of the first Closed Beta.

“This is how we came to be known as Infinite!”

When the second Closed Beta started, Infinite had a very strong start, despite the fact that their numbers were smaller, as a load of their core members decided to take a break from Albion Online until the official release. While the actual start of Final Beta was a success, one of Infinite allies -Gentlemen - started to take advantage of Infinite missing core members and after some practice GvG fights, Gentlemen started to take over zone by zone from their former partners.

As Infinite wasn’t prepared for that, they did not only lose most of their territories, but also close to half of their player-base. Not being able to compete for those zones, Infinite decided become a so-called “City Guild” and took over the reign of Black Forest to prepare for the official release of Albion Online.

Infinite’s Allies and Rivals

Infinite understands that guilds in Albion Online need to be a certain size to be effective, but they refuse to join the “no-skilled zergfest”. Yet, this attitude increased the difficulty to find allies, as they need to have a similar mindset. After Infinite tested different alliances which were “either hard to trust or run by a someone with mental health issues”, they joined the MIB alliance. Within MIB, Infinite was able to gather their first large scale experience in the war against the KO alliance. Later the Ex alliance took an interest in Infinite, as the guild was “putting up a good fight” against KDS and Aegis. Towards the end of first Closed Beta, the Ex alliance was able to hold more than 50 territories. With the start of Final Beta, Infinite started without any alliance until they joined forces with Wild West. Today both of them are part of the FEAR alliance.

One of the reasons Infinite became the guild we know today, is their war against KDS. According to Infinite:

“KDS was already a powerhouse in game, while we were just coming together as a guild and making a name for ourselves. When we lost any of our battles we used the experience to learn, especially the fort battles. Any battles we won moved us further along and helped us to gain more momentum.”

To encounter such a strong enemy shortly after you have formed your guild is, surely, a shaping event. From the very beginning Infinite had to work hard for everything they had. The war against KDS often resulted in “nights without sleep” and throwbacks, but on the other hand Infinite was able to learn how to be efficient extremely fast. Through amazing battles and the fact that Infinite never gave up, they quickly started to gain a momentum that allowed them to add Aegis as a permanent enemy.

“Aegis was a strong guild as well and tough to crack, so we started to divide into two groups; one to fight with KDS and the other to fight with Aegis. The war was like a never ending story: One of your teams gains one territory and the other team loses a different one.”

Over the course of the first Closed Beta, Infinite fought many other enemies such as Nilfgaard, Rest in Pieces and Hammer n Sickle – just to mention a few. One can definitely say that their “never give up” mentality and their teamwork helped them to withstand those enemies and to come out on top. Without the pressure of those guilds, Infinite would certainly not be the guild they are today.

Preparations, Plans and a Certain Goal for the Future

Most things Infinite has done until today have been towards one goal; to gain experience in Albion Online and to prepare for the official launch of the game. Currently, they focus on recruiting and drilling new players into quality guild-members that will help them to come out on top once the game is officially released.

“One of our goals is to continue recruiting new players and to ensure the veteran players joining us understand what we offer and how we are different from other guilds.”

To ensure their superiority, they have made plans and preparations to quickly create a full working and running economy. There are two main pillars which Infinite plans to build their economy on:

First, the guild plans to have certain fundamental crafts covered by the guild lead to ensure the supply and access of equipment for combat and gathering to everybody within Infinite. Instead of setting certain quotas, they train their members to be self-sufficient and to contribute to the guild through funding the items they want to use.

“We don’t have stupid quotas to hit like other failed guilds. We’ve seen the internal destruction this causes.”

Second, they plan to become a power-house in mount distribution. With their preparations and plans, Infinite is 100% certain they will be able to supply any amount of mounts at any tier at the earliest times, which would certainly give them a huge economic advantage over other guilds.

“We’ll also be a powerhouse in mount distribution. If you’re looking for early and consistent access to mounts, for individual or guild use, contact Infinite leadership.”

Last but not least one should never forget that their wish of economic superiority is to fund their main goal. The domination of the outlands, the open world PvP and the competition against other guilds in GvG, at the release of the game.

“We aim to be dominating the outlands with our open world groups using skill and strategy and to compete in GvG’s with other top guilds.”

A Confident Statement

With all the experience Infinite could gain over the last month and the recent hardships they have overcome, xOrgy -one of the Infinite leaders – has faith in the guild’s future:

“Through our outstanding leadership and our quality player-base we have built a stronger community to better our future and make the game more enjoyable for all our players and regardless of the things that happened or that will happen we will move forward with our Infinite guild banner!”

Should you be interested in joining Infinite, check out their recruitment thread on the forums.

What are your experiences with Infinite? Let us know in the comments below or on our forums!

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