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Guild Spotlight: Devil's Pact

In our newest guild spotlight, we are taking a closer look at Devil's Pact. Learn more about their history, struggles and goals!

June 17, 2016 at 3:00 PM by Luci

Many guilds have traveled the lands of Albion, in search of fame, riches and to dominate the world. Few have succeeded in their conquest, but Devil’s Pact is one of them. They stood the test of time and have become a prominent name in Albion Online. The Right Hand of Devil’s Pact, Capnkid, guides us through the history of the guild, and gives an insight on their current rivalries as well as the guild’s goals.

“Albion isn’t the first game that Devil’s Pact has played, and very likely won’t be the last. We have created many guilds under other names, such as Muetros and Zerg Hostile. Now, for roughly a decade, we are known as Devil’s Pact,” Capnkid explains. “During Closed Beta, we played in some other guilds, and decided to initiate Devil’s Pact in the 2nd month of Closed Beta. “

Devil’s Pact is a guild that is evidently well-structured in their successes during Closed Beta. They follow a certain philosophy (a rather cool one too) to determine who is capable of running with the Pact.

“Devil’s Pact models Sith philosophy [Star Wars, anyone?]. There’s a real discipline and strategy to keep things running behind the scenes for us. Our greatest assets are wealth, and provocation. It is not easy to walk with us and keep pace, so we can’t play with just anyone under the name of Devil’s Pact.”

Long-Running Albion Online History

Devil’s Pact has a rich history in Albion Online, starting out in the east of the world.
“Initially, we began playing on the East continent and we found the strongest guild of the continent against us. Namely, Hammer and Sickle. For a long time we tried to stand against them on our own against their entire alliance. Even though we lost most of our fights against them, we won some GvG which is a success for us.”

However, after some diplomatic changes within Hammer and Sickle, Devil’s Pact managed to form an alliance with Eight Team and Deimos to take down the big Russian bear.  But as old enemies fell, new arose. Devil’s Pact II had to face their next enemies, this time being Red Army, KDS and Aegis.

“They outnumbered us, their economy was far better than ours, and they were online players during all time zones. (…) To be honest, the guild was about to collapse. We were fighting with all the force we have in order not to lose our all territories because we [owned] some of the best land in the East,” Capnkid said.

With awareness of how dire the situation was for the guild, Capnkid and Devil’s Pact members had to take a serious stance and make some rash decisions in order to focus on the future, rather than simply the present. They decided to sell all their land in the East and move to the West, with the help of Nilfgaard.

It did not take long until new enemies showed up, this time in the form of Money Guild and later on Prime (part of the [ENVY] alliance with i.a. Red Army). Despite finding themselves at war with their new rival, Devil’s Pact felt that they had the upper hand in open world contest, while falling short elsewhere.

“We [Devil’s Pact] can say that ENVY was not a big deal for us at raiding, open world pvp and castle fights, but they were always one step further than us at GvGs. Our competition with ENVY alliance grew bigger over the last month. They are an alliance that is formed by 5 or 6 guilds against us. We know that even just one part of the whole is like an alliance itself. They gathered the best players of disbanded guilds. If our enemy was only Prime or Red Army, it wouldn’t be a big deal for us.”


Capnkid was adamant in his response to whether or not Devil’s Pact had any rivals other than the notorious ENVY alliance.

“Our only enemy is ENVY,” Capnkid proclaims. “We never have problems with any other guilds and we don’t want to. If we did, it wouldn’t even matter because we deal with the worst in Albion, all day long.”

Devil’s Pact’s approach to counteracting their rivals can be summed up in two words: hard work.

“To begin with, we work hard to beat our enemies, and often times we succeed. But this doesn’t mean just kill and loot them. We beat them mentally, by simply making them upset. It is seldom that we win just because we are stronger. We win with our intelligence, strategies and our faith. When we lose, it is always because they are stronger than us. It is not necessary to answer the question why they are stronger than us because the reason is simple. There are more guilds against us, their economy is better than ours, and they always have players that cover every time zone. We are just a one nation army.”

Devil’s Pact’s Goals

History and rivalry with ENVY aside, what are Devil’s Pact’s goals in Albion Online?

“Devil’s Pact was originally a PK (player killing) guild, but we have a promise to our members that we will provide them with the full experience of the game. With that being said: Raids, GvGs, city fights, castle fights and crafting are all areas of the game we have dabbled in.”

Keeping word on their promise has allowed Devil’s Pact to accomplish specific goals that very few other guilds have experienced.

“We want to have a name in all aspects of the game. For that very reason, we have achieved killing every raid boss, including Demon Prince.”

Considering how quintessential land-ownership is to the guild experience in Albion, Devil’s Pact made sure to get their hands on all the land they could.

“Territories are so important, and we’ve always had enough to supply our needs in the guild. We also love city fights as they provide action, as well as income to our guild. As such, we have always taken stake over at least one city,” Capnkid explains. “To put it simply, our goals haven’t changed much since the first day of the game. Regardless of whether our guild is strong or not, it’s more about our play style than anything. At the moment, our current aim is to be the top of the kill fame on the leaderboards. Hoping for the best!”

Last Words

In a closing statement, Capnkid addresses Devil’s Pact’s current state of affairs as well as the Albion community at large and throws a few subtle shots at his enemies.

“We are only one guild. We currently fight against an alliance that declares themselves as top guilds. Even they call for help and bring other guilds that are not from their alliance shamelessly. We are good with that but there's an already ongoing race between the bike and the car... It’s not good to use extra force. We speak through you and call towards the entire Albion community. There are some rules that are not written which are ethics. Please, do not cross the line of ethics. Never play unfairly. We send our best regards to the entirety of the community whether they like us or not and wish everyone good luck on the battlefield,” Capnkid concluded. 

Share stories of your encounters with Devil's Pact in the comments down below.

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