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Guild Spotlight: The Solar

The Solar, a friendly bunch of Russian gamers, united through shared interests and similar mindsets. While being a fairly new guild, The Solar thinks big, going for their ultimate goal of looking for one's own kind one small step at a time!

October 25, 2016 at 12:00 PM by UrzaKeFrostgard

This week I have visited the Russian guild, The Solar. This bunch of Russian gamers welcomed me with open arms and friendly words. After I got to know a few of their members, I took my time to talk to SunLilu, the leader of The Solar. Together we took a closer look at his guild and the goals they have set for them. Enjoy!

End of the Solar Eclipse

Early September 2016, the CORP alliance was facing several difficulties. Inactivity across all of the alliance guilds and the lack of a clear leadership within, resulted in the end for the Russian community.

Instead of splitting up and scattering to the four winds, a group of like-minded players decided to stay together. Under a new banner, those Russians agreed to found their new guild on three pillars: Efficiency, Clarity and Friendliness. Quite some time has elapsed and the outcome of this decision is starting to bear fruits, as The Solar has fortified their position within the waging war between the guilds of Albion Online.

Yet, the start for The Solar was everything but easy. Missing the early recruitment phase of the Final Beta due to their late creation, The Solar had to fight outnumbered for a fairly long time. Still, the Russian guild managed to pull through and they overcame their initial struggles.

Let’s not get Ahead of Ourselves

“We do not try to bite off more than we are able to chew!” SunLilu explains, “We plan every step we make carefully. In the rare case we fail to reach our goal we analyze what went wrong, update our plan and go for it again, until we achieve what we wanted to achieve!”

The Solar started their campaign as unspectacular as you could start a campaign. Going for one step after another, The Solar started with simple open world PvP to improve their guilds cooperation and teamwork in addition to honing the basic skills of each member. Today, the members of the Russian guild have gathered experience in all of Albion Online’s prospects, including the royal league of castle and territory control.

“Thanks to our mindset, our internal structure, and the fact that we stick to our values, we are prepared to overcome any upcoming problem, regardless how complicated it might be!” SunLilu proudly tells. In fact, The Solar was able to create an economic system that simply renders the guild self-sufficient. Thanks to zero taxes and a clever auction system, every member is rewarded for the time they invest into the game.

The Solar’s auction based economy is supported by a straight task sharing. A clear diversification of responsibilities allows to support not only the members of the guild but their official GvG team as well. Instead of delegating tasks, every member of The Solar is able to pick their tasks on their own, which leads to highly specialized players or nicely balanced all-rounders. SunLilu further explains: “It is important to have such systems in place if you want to participate against others on that level of competition. Our system works perfectly for us and our member appreciate the benefits they gain through it.” 

Gracious Competition – The Domination of Dauntensea

Since the foundation of The Solar, the guild is fighting for the domination of the area around Dauntensea. Even in defiance of the harsh competition in that region, The Solar plans to stick to that area until the end of the Final Beta.

That dedication has a price. Starting on their first day, The Solar had to fight the TY alliance which was founded by T I T A N S and ZORN. “ZORN has dominated the region for a long time and they have surprised us with their high skill cap and their lead in gear. ZORN basically claimed all territories around the area we choose as our new home. We are always ready to have a fight and we appreciate the competition with the TY alliance but it is time for them to share!” SunLilu proclaims. Yet, SunLilu also asserts that there is nothing personal in the rivalry between them and the TY alliance: “We have no sworn enemies in Albion Online, we are respecting our enemies like we respect our allies but we simply enjoy the fight against other strong guilds and alliances!”

To improve their overall standing in the ongoing battle for the domination of Dauntensea, The Solar joined the Russian-speaking alliance Elder. As the Elder alliance was mostly based near Black Forest, both sides gained huge benefits from their collaboration. The Solar was able to gain more combat knowledge, as they now had more battlefields they could fight. Furthermore, they now had the rear support they were missing in their battle against the TY alliance. On the other side, thanks to the presence of The Solar around Dauntensea, the Elder alliance was able to secure a foothold within the region.

Rapid Improvement Through Ambitious Goals

Knowing about The Solar being very cautious in their goals, SunLilu started to grin as I asked him about the ultimate goal his guild was aiming at: “We would like to seize half of the entire zones available in Albion Online, because if we would seize all of the zones there would nobody left to fight against!”

To reach this ultimate goal, The Solar is aiming for a total of 300 members. A target, already not that easy and further hindered by the guilds policy to kick inactive members. On the other hand The Solar is willing to invite non-Russian speakers, knowing that there might be possible language barriers. “We are open to new people, even if they do not speak Russian,” SunLilu tells. “We will welcome everybody who is sharing the same mindset and is willing to follow us!”

It seems like this fairly ambitious goal of The Solar is the very reason for their quick growth and looking at their philosophy, they will not stop until they have reached their goal!

Believe in Yourself

Last but not least I asked SunLilu about any statement he could think of, to share with the rest of the Albion Online community.

“We aim towards being an active, friendly and helpful community for our members while balancing it with the competitive aspect of Albion Online. While it certainly is hard to create a big family like guild with those ambitions we have, we are successfully doing it. When we started, close to nobody believed we would be able to create a successful guild with this mindset, especially with our “no tax” economy system but we have proven otherwise. And to answer the question most people have in their heads right now: Yes, The Solar is what you are looking for!”

What is your opinion about the goals of The Solar? Did you already have contact with those Russian gamers? Let us know in the comments below or on our forums!

(October 25, 15:50 UTC - Editor Note: Adjusted information regarding the TY alliance)

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