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Guild Spotlight: Say My Name

In this week’s guild spotlight, we take a closer look at a guild that was created for the purpose of representing the francophone hardcore community of Albion.

May 16, 2017 at 5:00 PM by UrzakeFrostgard

Some guilds are created after endless planning and based on heroic goals, and others are created in just the blink of an eye, developing themselves based on the tasks at hand. Say My Name is one of those latter guilds and even while the founding members set a goal in the beginning, the guild started snowballing on its own. Miikro, guild leader of Say My Name agreed to an interview and talked about everything that has happened since the French guild was founded. Enjoy!

Exceeding all Expectations

Not long before the Galahad wipe, a small group of francophone gamers from across well-known guilds like Nilfgaard, Envy, LCH and War Legend, that knew each other since the Winter Alpha, decided to step up to represent the French hardcore community in the second beta’s Castle Event. Thus, Say My Name was born.

After a long fight against Echo of Silence, Say My Name, supported by their allies Zorn and Gentlemen, managed to conquer the castle of Morfe Forest, throwing out their enemies and claiming their very own guild logo after just being founded.

Given that huge success, the French group decided to go a step further and instead of returning to their old guilds they decided to make Say My Name an independent guild and a home for francophone hardcore gamers from all over the world. Since their creation, the French guild has shown what they are capable of and with their 45 members, they have become one of the best-known contenders in Cumbria, always looking forward to the next challenges and fights.

Pulling Through the Toughest Hour

Even with their great success in the Castle Event and even with all of their skilled and experienced players, one cannot forget that Say My Name, as a guild, is still in it their infancy. Nonetheless, that has not stopped them from aiming high and they decided to push directly into the Outlands with the start of Galahad.

When their former leader had to quit Albion for personal reasons, the Frenchmen’s morale was hit hard. Pushed beyond their limits and without leadership everything around them threatened to collapse. Being in the midst of the competition of the black zones, some of the core members started to think about leaving the guild and regardless of the acquired achievements they had in their initial campaign, Say My Name was on the brink of disbanding.

That was the moment Kimistar decided to step up and take the reins to keep the guild together while moving forward. Thanks to his efforts, the guild was able to not only stay together but to survive in Cumbria as well. “Once the guild’s situation was stabilized and the members had finally settled in, Kimistar resigned from his temporary position as hero of the hour and I officially took over the role as a guild leader,” Miikro tells. “I am not sure that Say My Name would still exist today without the effort of Kimistar, we are all glad for what he did for us!“

One for All, All for One!

Due to their similar mindset, playstyle, and goals, the guild decided to keep their internal system as simple as possible. Fighting for the same cause, the guild centralizes everything they own, regardless of what it is. All resources and all items belong to everyone in the guild and the guild hall’s lockers are full with equipment for everybody to support their daily operations.

While the crafting is also centralized, Say My Name decided against a single crafter for everything the guild needs but instead they have distributed their crafting between their members to ensure that the guild won’t have to start from scratch in case one of them would decide to stop playing Albion or leave the guild.

The guild’s decision-making is also quite simple and done through Miikro and his officers. “Each officer brings a lot of experience to the table but most of them are stubborn jackasses which sometimes complicates our discussions. It is my job to conciliate between them and to take a final decision in case our meetings get out of control.”

Living the Dream

Based on their geographical position in Cumbria, there is one guild that has been causing problems for Say My Name since the beginning of Galahad. This guild relentlessly attacked the Frenchmen and was definitely one of the biggest challenges they had to overcome until now: Red Army.

Having the numbers and resources, the Russian guild’s advances taxed all members of Say My Name. Once they got their internal struggles sorted out, they quickly started to catch up with their aggressors and with their back to the wall they did the only thing they could: fight! They fought tenaciously to save their home in Dun Mhead from the flooding of the red tide. Taking one step after another and with the support of their allies, Say my Name was finally able to compete on equal footing against Red Army’s best of the best.

Then, when Red Army started various conflicts in the north of Cumbria, the French guild didn’t hesitate for a single second and instantly launched their counter-offensive to reclaim what was rightfully theirs.

With new self-esteem and fortified borders Say My Name even found the time to aid their allies in a war against Nilfgaard, but afterwards they switched back to fully focus on Red Army – for the simple reason of enjoying the thrill of battling against such strong enemies.


Having learned a lot about themselves in the last couple of weeks, Say My Name’s resolve to represent the francophone hardcore community in the Outlands was strengthened, and they want to use the rest of their time until the official release of Albion to keep fighting as many strong opponents as possible and to give their internal structure the final touch to ensure their guild’s integrity.

We can only stay curious about what the French guild will show us in the future!

What is your opinion on Say My Name? Do you think they are worthy of representing the French hardcore community? Let us know in the comments below or on our forums!

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