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A Guide to Fishing in Albion Online

Pathos covers everything you need to know about fishing in Albion, from the basics to advanced strategy.

August 9, 2018 at 2:33 PM by Pathos

Fishing is a unique way of gathering in Albion Online. No other type of gathering compares to it, and the minigame keeps it exciting and fun. Every guild needs a fisherman to gather seaweed, chopped fish, and rare fish to make the enchanted food needed for GVGs, though you can catch fish up to and including T8 without having to gather in a guild territory.

Mechanics of Fishing

If you have a usable fishing rod in your inventory, the mouse will appear as a fishing bob when you hover over water. Select a location on the water, hold the left button to build up your cast distance, and release at the desired point.

If you cast successfully, the bob will float on the water. As soon as it starts to bounce, you've hooked a fish. Click the left mouse button to start reeling it in. This will prompt the minigame. 

The minigame is a game of balance, where you need to keep the fishing bob inside the green UI field. If the fishing bob moves too far to the left or right (into the red areas) the fishing attempt will fail. 

Holding the left mouse button will cause the fishing bob will move to the right, and the fish icon on the blue bar will move forward. Releasing the left mouse button will prompt the fishing bob to automatically move to the left. 

Once the white fish icon arrives at the yellow end of the blue bar ( >> ), the fish or other loot will be caught and added to your inventory. 

Where to Catch Fish

Fish can be caught all over Albion, but there are two different types of water in the world: freshwater and saltwater. All rivers, lakes, ponds and other similar bodies of water that can be found inland are considered freshwater. Saltwater can only be found in zones that border the ocean.

Schools of fish give a quicker bite and spawn in all kinds of waters. 

Sunken Treasure

Occasionally, and very rarely, treasures can be found as well in the waters of Albion. These may include things like include luxury goods, weapons and armor, or a Tome of Insight. The tier level of sunken treasures increases as you fish in higher-tier zones.

Fishing Gear

Players have to use a fishing rod to catch fish, and you can only catch fish of a tier up to or equal to the level of your fishing rod. However, players can also equip fishing gear to increase their fishing yield. 

Fishing gear has special passive skills that increase the fishing yield the longer a player equips the gear. Higher item quality fishing rods provide a higher bonus to fishing speed. 

Example: T8 Elder's Fishing Rod

  • Normal: +81%
  • Good: +83%
  • Outstanding: +85%
  • Excellent: +92%
  • Masterpiece: +105%

Fisherman Backpacks

It's always a good idea when out fishing to wear a fisherman backpack because of the weight reduction they provide, allowing you to gather as many fish as possible without overloading yourself.

  • T4: Reduces the weight of T4 fish or lower by 20%
  • T5: Reduces the weight of T5 fish or lower by 25%
  • T6: Reduces the weight of T6 fish or lower by 30%
  • T7: Reduces the weight of T7 fish or lower by 35%
  • T8: Reduces the weight of T8 fish or lower by 40%

Leveling Up

You can do 2 things to level fishing up: catch fish or eat fish. I personally think the quickest way to level is by catching fish in swamps and forest zones because off the high amount of pools these zones have.

Bait and Increasing Fishing Yield

Players can use bait to increase the bite speed of fish. Bait can be crafted from earthworms at any cooking station, and earthworms are found when harvesting crops during farming. 

T1 Simple Fish Bait: 10 charges - increases bite speed of fish by 50%. (Requires 1 earthworm to craft.) 

T3 Fancy Fish Bait: 10 charges - increases bite speed of fish by 125%. (Requires 5 earthworms to craft.) 

T5 Special Fish Bait: 10 charges - increases bite speed of fish by 250%. (Requires 25 earthworms to craft.) 

Consumables to Bring Along

Seaweed Salad: Increases fishing speed by 10% for 30 minutes.

T7 Pork Pie: While this food does not affect fishing speed or bite, it is useful for the 30% increase to load capacity, which lets you carry more fish. 

T7 Pork Omelette: When fishing in full-loot zones, always have an Omelette ready. If you are attacked, you can quickly eat it to increase your mobility by lowering your cooldowns.

General Tips and Tricks

Especially when solo gathering, the most important thing is communication between you and the other solo guild members that are gathering in the area.

Never stay in one area too long. 

The longer you remain in the same area, the more likely a hostile might spot you. If you've fished in all available fishing pools in a zone, the best thing to do is move to another zone.

Make use of Siege Camps.

Stashing your resources will allow you to use your time more efficiently and once you have an Ox worth of resources you can call for your guild to escort you back home.

You’re like a delicious candy for gankers.

Fisherman are one of the easy targets for gankers since we can only gather at waters. If you die, you will not only lose your gathered fish, but your gear as well. Be mentally prepared for this, and always try to stay calm and assess the situation. 

Schools of Fish and Rod Quality

As mentioned above, to get the quickest hook you should always aim for schools of fish in the water, and use the best-quality rod you can afford.

What Bait to Use

Always use T3 - T5 bait. I prefer to use T3 bait in T4-6 zones and T5 bait in T6+ zones.

When does the money-making machine begin?

1) The money-making machine truly kicks in after you reach T7. At this point, you can catch rare T7 and normal T8 fish.
2) Until then, make money by catching seaweed and chopping up all types of fish.
3) You can also make various enchanted foods with the rare fish you catch, which you can sell for a substantial profit.

Fisherman's Journals: Always carry plenty of journals with you when you fish. When sending your Fishing Laborers to work, they will give a good amount of T5-8 fish plus a small number of T7 rare fish in return when provided with T7/8 journals.

Chopped Fish: Chopped Fish can be made from all tiers of fish that you catch, and every fish tier gives an amount of chopped fish as return. It is  the primary ingredient in all Fish Sauce.

Basic Fish Sauce (15 Chopped Fish + 1 Seaweed): An ingredient needed to make enchanted (X.1) food.

Fancy Fish Sauce(45 Chopped Fish + 3 Seaweed): An ingredient needed to make enchanted (X.2) food.

Special Fish Sauce (125 Chopped Fish + 9 Seaweed): An ingredient needed to make enchanted (X.3) food.

Seaweed: A cooking ingredient needed to make Fish Sauce. Can be found in any body of water.

Rare T7 Fish: These allow you to make high-level foods with powerful attributes.


For any questions about fishing that are not in this guide, and everything else around it (like fishing parties), you can always contact me ingame or on the forums.

Happy fishing,

About me:

On March 12, when the Lancelot update hit the world of Albion Online, I began my journey to become the greatest fisherman in Conflict's (and Albion's) history. A few days later I hit T8, got hooked, and did nothing else but fish since. After several weeks of a few hours per day of gameplay, I reached 100/100 Fishing Specialization on March 25.

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