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Introducing Outlaws and Guard Towers

The upcoming Faye update includes a variety of content and new features, and today we are going to talk about two of them: the new Outlaw status and Guard Towers.

November 18, 2016 at 3:30 PM by Enya

The current guard system is not quite doing what we want it to do. The job of guards is to protect portals between safe zones and PvP zones, preventing so-called “city camping” groups from being successful. However, as the current guards only attack one player at the time, it is still too easy for players to camp in groups at gates, instead of venturing into the world for PvP.

Becoming an Outlaw

A new debuff has been added to the game: Outlaw.

Being an Outlaw is a nasty thing. Your character will not be able to log out of the world of Albion, nor will you be able to enter safe zone and cities. On top of that, Outlaws are targeted by the new Guard Towers. The Outlaw status will disappear automatically after a few minutes.

There are different ways to get this debuff, depending on where you are in Albion. If you are on a Royal Island, losing reputation will automatically grant you the Outlaw status. If you are in the Outlands, attacking a non-Outlaw or aiding an Outlaw you will get the debuff. This means you can be an Outlaw regardless of your reputation.

Guard Towers

The existing Guard NPCs are now being aided by Guard Towers. These solid structures stand in between PvP zones and patrolled (green) zones, such as cities. Their one and only purpose is to protect the entrance from Outlaws, bombarding them with heavy artillery as soon as they are in sight. Their projectiles cannot miss and their damage is based on your maximum health pool, making sure you will lose a huge chunk of life.

Guard Towers have the ability to attack an unlimited amount of Outlaws. Their skilled archers will even hold back an entire army, if necessary! Outlaws are not only engaged by the Guard Towers, the ever-present Guards will also step in to enforce the Royal law.

Fortunately for Outlaws, the Guards and Guard Towers have a moral code. They have clearly defined areas of control and will never execute a downed target. But beware…your fellow players might not be as forgiving!

What do you think of these upcoming changes? Let us know in the comments below!


ColeHunter November 23, 2016 22:35

City guards are a great idea, players complaining it is bad, are whining because it is the only way they know of winning. now starting a fight means your stuck for 5 minutes, subject to retaliation from larger force, and this is only around guarded places, places, that in reality would have guards/towers.

Opportunity: you want to camp, do it between yellow/red/black zones not cities. there are opportunities. FIND ONE!, dont cry your only way to pvp is taken away and you can't run back to safety no more. find another way to pry on the weak. what the rest of us "real players" will most likely do.

RED/BLACK ZONES: This is a difficult area but the rules should be the same, cities would naturally have some form of law, even if outlawed, I and read in one post about sanctuaries for outlaws. this should be put into the works, being an outlaw I should have places of my own to go, "Hideouts" "Outlaw Camps" "BlackMarket"


Raczer November 23, 2016 12:07

Again! Being outlaw or criminal should be a choice. And thoes who choose to be criminal should have criminal underground places around in the world to trade with other criminals and repair their armor. Not craft tho, criminals doesn't craft.

It should be guarded against non-criminal players so normal players cant raid them whenever they want.

You need to make it liveable and fun to be a criminal too.


Slickassasin November 22, 2016 18:36

You have to love the people complaining about not enough "open world pvp" are the ones complaining about city camping protection. So what is it; do you want open world PVP or a camped bunny bash?

Oh and outlaw is for 5 min... so meh. READ MORE SHOW LESS

tedthenoobgamer November 22, 2016 14:24

Neat except all I really want is to be able to put labels on my chests and signs on my doors and maybe a way to drop items into a dropbox with another player's name on it for pickup later by that player....But no, you don't think those things are important because you're not listening to your player base. READ MORE SHOW LESS

Kristoffer November 21, 2016 01:01

I was one of those guys that keeps saying "dont listen to haters, take your time making the game" but shit. These progress is getting worse and worse wtf lol and release dates getting pushed back. I suggest you release the game ASAP while people are still supportive. Dont be afraid and take the risk and stick to your words, devs :) READ MORE SHOW LESS

LemonVillain November 20, 2016 02:40

I understand the part where they don't want players to camp city gates but you can't log out? How long does it last? A few seconds? What if I pull the plug, do I log out anyway? Whats happening? Ahhhh! READ MORE SHOW LESS

KARLDRAGO November 19, 2016 23:40

I believe that in a game that wants to be hardcore being outlawed should be an incentive and not a punishment READ MORE SHOW LESS

Stormlord November 19, 2016 22:45

Interesting :D

Is their any plans to remove cities from the out lands entirely as i think that the out lands arnt hardcore enough ^^ (could we also double the dps on the mobs and have them attack the territories?) - #blackzonetooeasy READ MORE SHOW LESS

Thirio November 19, 2016 02:43

Why would your reputation change in the outlands? I thought the outlands were supposed to be lawless so it should not affect your reputation or give you the outlaw buff for killing someone there. READ MORE SHOW LESS

playtoday November 19, 2016 02:42

This update absolutely killed me when i played the test server,and i cannot be apart of it, extremely fun game. absolutely hate the way its heading towards with some of the updates they are adding, rather than fixing the current bugs and problems. READ MORE SHOW LESS

Korn November 18, 2016 23:10

We have no issue with people running gate camps. It's part of the game. The guard towers only make sure that gate campers have to cover a decently sized area in order for the camp to be effective.

However, what we were not fine this is the fact that gate campers were totally safe from getting counter-ganked. If they saw any strong opposition, and were smart about it, they would just run inside the city that they were camping and be totally safe. Now, with the new change coming, the won't be able to do that, and thus run the risk of getting countered.


War November 18, 2016 20:50

Wow - still moving further away from open world PvP. You've driven your dirty fingers so deep into PvP that it'll soon be restricted to instanced, risk free fights. READ MORE SHOW LESS

zazzertaro November 18, 2016 20:01

I think this is a good start, but I'd consider giving players the ability to strive to protect. An Officer of a realm or region would be a cool thing to make players want to go above and beyond. READ MORE SHOW LESS

Lasso November 18, 2016 19:50

nevermind I need new glasses READ MORE SHOW LESS

Lasso November 18, 2016 19:49

So if nobody brings the outlaw "disease" from the royal islands then nobody in the black zone can become an outlaw? READ MORE SHOW LESS

Forge November 18, 2016 17:24

Thanks BAKA, if only the devs saw camping as a valid style of gameplay. READ MORE SHOW LESS

Joshuan November 18, 2016 15:51

Please come out with a concrete release date. You delayed the launch now 2 times significantly. Calculate how long the reowk of the outland sis goign to take and give us a RELEASE date please! READ MORE SHOW LESS

HypeRNT November 18, 2016 14:55

as long as we dont see any of this anywhere near the black zones its fine, otherwise huge problems will arise. READ MORE SHOW LESS

Komamura November 18, 2016 14:36

The no logging out thing is a bit BS, but the overall idea is good for CC of outlaws. READ MORE SHOW LESS

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