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Become the Fearsome Keeper of Souls!

Get a first look at the new Keeper of Souls costume and mount skin bundle.

April 21, 2021 at 9:52 AM by PrintsKaspian

Dress to raise the dead with the new Keeper of Souls Vanity Bundle! This premiere bundle is available in the ingame store, and includes a full costume set, a costume weapon, and a macabre, bone-chilling mount skin for your Giant Stag or Moose.

The bundle includes the Phylactery of Souls, a costume weapon in the form of a large lantern-topped staff that gives off an otherworldly blue-green light, plus necromancy-themed costume skins for your character's head, cape, armor, and shoe slots. And the full set is rounded out with a mount skin that transforms your Giant Stag into an eerie, undead mount sporting ragged robes and a deer skull topped with dark, jagged antlers. As with all Stag mount skins, it can be used on both the Giant Stag and Moose base mounts.

The Keeper of Souls Bundle includes the following vanity skins:

  • Keeper of Souls Cowl
  • Keeper of Souls Armor
  • Keeper of Souls Boots
  • Keeper of Souls Cape
  • Phylactery of Souls costume weapon
  • Keeper of Souls mount skin for your Stag or Moose base mount

(As with past bundles, you can use all costume, weapon, and mount skins with all characters on your account, and they are never lost or destroyed. All items will be unlocked in the ingame "Appearance" menu after purchase.)

Get this premiere bundle today and let the souls of the dead surge through you!

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