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Events: End of Beta Weekend!

Beta is ending on July 9, let’s celebrate with a weekend full of events!

July 4, 2017 at 4:30 PM by Enya

As was announced yesterday, Albion Online’s Beta is officially ending on July 9, at 21:00 UTC. The servers will be down after that until the game releases on July 17. So let’s celebrate! Join us in the following events, during the course of the weekend (July 7 – July 9).

Friday, July 7: Rise of the Guardians

The earth is trembling, animals are restless and a general sense of unease is in the air… something is happening in Albion! As you travel further, you spot a silhouette on the horizon, getting bigger the closer you get. A Guardian has appeared in front of you, roaring with all its glory. Call on your friends and take it down, you will be able to use its Tier 6 resources for the rest of the weekend. But be careful, enemies lurk from all sides!

What? Guardians are invading Albion! Fight them!

When? Friday, July 7, starting at 18:00 UTC.

Reward? Defeat them and harvest their bodies for Tier 6 resources!

Saturday, July 8: Show Me the Money! (Hide and Seek)

You have received a secret communication from a representative of the Albion Tax Collectors.  Five Tax Collectors journeying from the far reaches of Albion have become lost on their way to Caerleon with taxes being transported to the King of Albion.  These collectors are rather shady characters and are not above taking some of that gold for themselves.  They are willing to bribe the right person for the directions to Caerleon so that they can enjoy their ill-gotten gains.

On July 8, at 16:00 UTC, Five of the King’s Tax Collectors will be hidden somewhere in the world. One at a time, their location will be revealed in an increasingly more precise manner, and your mission is to find them and rescue them. Sounds easy enough? There's a catch - as you know, easy and Albion don't exactly go hand in hand. The Tax Collectors will be hidden throughout PvP enabled zones and you will have to stand next to them for five minutes to rescue them, so watch your back or better yet - bring a group of friends!

Once you are standing next to a Tax Collector, they will promptly ask you to stay close while they teleport to safety. Confirm via the /say chat that you will take care of the Tax Collector to start the timer! Rewards differ per Tax Collector, as some are in more dangerous regions than others.

  • 1st Tax Collector: 5x 300 Gold codes
  • 2nd Tax Collector: 2x 300 Gold codes
  • 3rd Tax Collector: 5x 300 Gold codes
  • 4th Tax Collector: 3x 300 Gold codes
  • 5th Tax Collector: 5x 300 Gold codes

What? Find the Tax Collector, stick with them for 5 minutes and win Gold!

When? Saturday, July 8, starting at 16:00 UTC.

Reward? Gold Codes to the first player per Tax Collector.

Sunday, July 9: Castle Siege Sunday

We are ending the Beta with a community favorite: Castle Siege Sunday! The premise of this event is very simple: Hold the castle in Heart of the Forest or Creag Rudd at 20:00 UTC, to win an abundance of gold codes. So grab a hold of your guildmates and alliance-members, strap on your best gear and head on over to the Outlands for the fight of your life!

Gold codes will be given to the leader of the winning guilds, and it is up to them to decide how to use and/or distribute them.

What? Own the castle at Heart of the Forest or Creag Rudd

When? Ends on Sunday, July 9, at 20:00 UTC.

Reward? 20x 300 Gold codes per castle, given to the guild leaders of the winning guilds.

AlbionTV Stream

Of course you will also be able to tune into the official Albion Online Twitch channel, where we will livestream all events for your entertainment! Make sure to follow AlbionTV and you will never miss a stream.

You can find the Albion Online twitch channel here.

We are looking forward to the end of Beta, and hopefully so are you! If you have questions about the events, make sure to ask them in the comments below or on our forums.


Torrn July 9, 2017 15:41

+1 Sylys

The people complaining are what have commonly been referred to as 'trammelites'. Theyve been known to ruin games before with their incessant cries. READ MORE SHOW LESS

Kajmir July 7, 2017 14:15

Agree with Sylys on every Q&A. READ MORE SHOW LESS

Sylys July 7, 2017 13:00

Some of these comments are laughable.

Q: What about solo players?
A: The game, like real life, gives improved odds/benefits when networking, ie playing with others.
Welcome to just about every MMO in existence.

Q: What's the point?
A: To provide entertainment value before launch. Rather remarkable that they'd go out of their way to even brainstorm something like this up when they have to prepare for launch. This is also a way to get people out there PvPing.

Q: Why not more gold rewards?
A: Considering gold is valuable and someone normally has to pay for it with real money before it enters the game... wow. just wow.
Complaining about that, really?

Nice job. I'm impressed. Shows your commitment to the players at a time you could easily tell us you need to focus on launch and leave us waiting. READ MORE SHOW LESS

SirLags July 7, 2017 12:42

Only 300 gold? That's kind of weak don't you think? Most of us have been playing beta for years and you want to reward with 20x 300 gold? Kind of a slap in the face. You should be doing 20x 10k gold. READ MORE SHOW LESS

Pharticus July 7, 2017 01:54

Solo players will never enjoy this game IMO, so the events are fitting. READ MORE SHOW LESS

doshha July 6, 2017 15:56

Nothing for low level solo players to enjoy? READ MORE SHOW LESS

Chuck July 6, 2017 15:46

@Shaan Yes they are Promo Codes that gets returned to you just the same as purchased gold. READ MORE SHOW LESS

Nova_Shield July 6, 2017 00:11

What about guild logos??? READ MORE SHOW LESS

Reenoah July 5, 2017 16:34

@STEELBANE - yes, look for Pinoys in Face Book - Albion Online Philippines bro READ MORE SHOW LESS

Shaan July 5, 2017 13:12

What's the point of doing first event? Why would we want to spend time gathering if two days later it's all deleted? And does the gold from next two events stay on account after release? READ MORE SHOW LESS

Nari23 July 5, 2017 12:16


Steelbane July 5, 2017 04:58

Is the game gonna be available in the Philippines? READ MORE SHOW LESS

Khor July 4, 2017 23:40

What about solo players? *office fills with evil laughter* READ MORE SHOW LESS

Dworf July 4, 2017 22:36

What about solo players?

HypeRNT July 4, 2017 21:58

Wait, so first reward is to go gather even though the beta is ending lol? Or did i misunderstood that. READ MORE SHOW LESS

Aje July 4, 2017 17:52

Does the winners of the castle fights get their guild emblem ingame, as before? READ MORE SHOW LESS

Aje July 4, 2017 17:52

Does the winners of the castle fights get their guild emblem ingame, as before? READ MORE SHOW LESS

Avriel July 4, 2017 17:43


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