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The Druid Vanity Bundle is On Sale for One Week!

Until April 20 you can benefit from a big discount on the Druid Vanity Bundle.

April 13, 2022 at 10:46 AM by JudgeNutmeg

The Rites of Spring are in full flow, as new life flourishes throughout Albion. So what better time to get in touch with the mysteries of nature and coax those Spring Cottontails out of their shells? Well you’re in luck, because for the next week you can enjoy a big discount on the Druid Vanity Bundle!

This premiere bundle works for male and female characters alike, and comes with a thick, forest-green cape, a crown of antlers, and a matching Stag mount skin, transforming your character into a wise and noble figure attuned with the earth.

The Druid bundle contains the following vanity skins:

  • Druid's Horns
  • Druid's Garments
  • Druid's Shoes
  • Druid's Cape
  • Druid's Stag

This offer runs until 10:00 UTC on Wednesday, 20 April, and is available to all players using the native client, Steam client or Google Play. Check out the in-game store now and harness the powers of nature!

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