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Albion Online Dev Talk - GvG Season 2 Improvements

Game Director Robin Henkys gives all the details and changes coming with GvG Season 2.

March 8, 2018 at 3:52 PM by PrintsKaspian

GvG Season 2 is just around the corner, and we want to give you all the details you need to plan accordingly. In this video, Game Director Robin Henkys goes into the changes we have in store and what we want to achieve with them.

If you don't have time to watch the video, here's a summary of his talk:

Season 2 Details

March 17th: Season 2 Begins

  • After downtime, the ownership of all resource territories (i.e. not home territories, not farm territories, and not city territories) is reset, so all resource territories become unowned
  • Over Saturday and Sunday, you will have two opportunities to claim batches of territories
  • In each of these territories, a new boss will spawn to defend it

March 18th: Scoring Starts

  • At the start of each resource territory’s prime time on March 18th (or 19th for the later territories), scoring is enabled for that territory
  • Daily points are as follows:
    • Red zone territories: 96 points
    • Anglia territories (low Outlands): 192 points
    • Cumbria territories (medium Outlands): 288 points
    • Mercia territories (high Outlands): 384 points
  • Points are scored at the end of each territory’s prime time
  • Points are generated by new NPCs that will populate your territories, called Siphoning Mages
  • Siphoned Energy, which stockpiles in a new section of the Guild UI, can be withdrawn (and re-deposited) by Guild Masters and Right Hands

March 19th: GvGs Start

  • No GvGs can be scheduled to happen between the start of the season and downtime on the 19th
  • You can declare them before this, but they cannot start before this, to ensure that every territory gets the same number of GvG slots throughout the season

March 20th onwards: Let the Battles Begin 

  • You can GvG to your heart’s content
  • You can raid other people’s Mages for tokens
  • You can claim Castles for points

April 14th: Mid-season Reset 1

  • This plays out like the start of the season and is done to shake up the status quo and do another open-world strength check

May 12th: Mid-season Reset 2

  • From now until the end of the season, all new points scored are doubled, so the final month is worth as much as the previous two combined

June 8th: Last Call

  • Scoring for the season ends for each territory at the end of its downtime on June 8th/9th, and GvGs can’t happen between this time and the end of the season

June 9th: End of Season 2

  • At downtime on the 9th, the season officially ends

Changes to GvG and Season Mechanics with the Lancelot Update

We also want to give you a deeper insight into the changes we will make with Lancelot, both to GvG Battles and the upcoming Spring Season.

Placing Siphoning Mages

Players can now place Mages in the four available slots independent of the respawn timer.

Friendly Mages
If players place a Siphoning Mage in their own territory, it counts as a normal Mage and the next Mage spawns accordingly. 

Rogue Mages
Players can now also spawn a Rogue Mage in enemy territories that provides the same amount of Siphoning Energy as a friendly Mage would.

Placing this Mage costs the same amount of Energy as a normal Mage, hence is cost-neutral

This gives Players the chance to replace an enemy Mage with their own, and allows for much more dynamic gameplay. 

Dynamic Siphoning Mage Spawn Times

Siphoning Mages now spawn in new time intervals:

  • First Mage:         1.5 hours
  • Second Mage:   2 hours after the first Mage spawns
  • Third Mage:        3 hours after the second Mage spawns
  • Fourth Mage:      6 hours after the third Mage spawns

With this change, the value of each Mage is more comparable over time in regards to points and tokens. 

Siphoning Mage Rewards

  • If players kill a Mage he now only drops Siphoned Energy, and no longer awards Seasonal Points to the Guild of the player who made the killing blow
  • Killing a Siphoning Mage now also gives Fame
  • Killing guards in Territories also gives Fame

Combined with the new placement mechanic for Mages, Seasonal Scoring will now be more dependent on Mage uptime. Killing a Mage is thus more rewarding for the individual progress of each player.

Siphoning Mages Affecting GvG Battles

The number of Siphoning Mages active during the 1 hour before Prime Time in the Territory in which the battle takes place will now affect GvG battles.

  • For each 8 minutes a Mage is active the Team will receive a Buff similar to the Defender Bonus of 0.08%
  • This Bonus can therefore stack up to a maximum of 2.4%
  • The bonus will be active in all GvG Battles in the Territory

This means both teams can now have their own buff based on the total time their Mages have been active during the 1 hour before a territory's prime time, so more players can contribute to the outcome of a GvG battle.

GvG Orb Changes

When a team captures an orb in a GvG Battle, it scores one point from the enemy team immediately.

With this change, guilds have to commit to their Territory. Not showing up at all will have consequences!

Castle Battle Changes

A castle now only scores Seasonal Points once per day at the start of its prime time. The amount of Seasonal Points has been increased to keep the points per day per castle unchanged.

This change moves the focus of castles to the time frame before prime time starts, so that guilds don’t have to hold a Castle at all times during the day.

That's all for now - for the full details of Season 2, or to give us your feedback about any of the upcoming changes, you can check out this forum post.

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