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Dev Talk: Development Update

Game Director Robin Henkys gives an update on major new features coming to Albion.

September 12, 2022 at 11:40 AM by JudgeNutmeg

It's been a while since our last Dev Talk, and many of you have been eagerly awaiting updates. In our newest video, Game Director Robin Henkys introduces some of the major new features coming to Albion with the next content update, including changes to the Roads of Avalon, a massive new feature called the Mists, and a new line of artifacts for trade and crafting.

Prefer a written summary? Then read on…

Roads of Avalon Changes

Following player feedback, the Roads of Avalon are set to receive a rework in our next major update:

  • Roads will be focused on small group gameplay
  • It will be easier to establish a Hideout in the Roads, but more difficult to control an entire Hideout region
  • It will be more difficult to control high-value zones, making Roads exploration more competitive and exciting
  • Rewards will focus more on group gameplay and enemies that upgrade over time
  • The Roads will also receive a visual update

The Mists

The Mists will be a brand-new environment with its own gameplay possibilities:

  • Accessed via a network of unpredictable and temporary connections, like the Roads
  • Each entrance will only allow a single player to enter before it disappears
  • A single Mists region will have multiple entrances, allowing for chance encounters between solo players
  • Gameplay will be a mixture of solo PvE and solo PvP, with an emphasis on exploration and risk-taking
  • Visually and thematically will be the most magical area of Albion so far, with all-new music

New Artifacts and Items

  • Within the Mists players can encounter a new range of fantastical creatures
  • These drop new artifacts that can be used to craft brand-new items
  • The items needed to craft these new items are unique to these creatures in the Mists, adding new dimensions to trading, crafting, and PvE

The City in the Mists

A new City exists within the Mists, acting as a hub for trading and other activities:

  • This City has no fixed, physical location, but can be said to ‘drift’ in the Mists
  • Entrances can sometimes be found in the Mists and the Roads, but not all will be able to enter
  • This City will offer instant access to the Roads, Mists, and other forms of small-scale content that can be encountered elsewhere
  • It will serve as an ideal base for advanced solo and small group adventurers

We hope you enjoyed this glimpse at some of the forthcoming features we’re working on, and we can’t wait for you to try them out and discover exciting new ways to play. We’ll be going into further detail about these in future Dev Talks - and until then, see you in Albion!

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