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Dev Talk: Expanded Soundtrack and Combat Audio

Get a preview of the new music coming to Albion with the next update.

October 28, 2021 at 9:56 AM by JudgeNutmeg

With the Lands Awakened update coming in November, players can look forward to a revamped soundtrack as they explore Albion. Senior Audio Designer Marie Havemann gives a glimpse behind the scenes of its production in our latest Dev Talk, introducing new music for combat, cities, Hideouts and more.

Prefer a written summary? Then read on...

It’s already been five years since the original soundtrack for Albion Online was composed, and since then a good deal of new features have been introduced. To enhance the sonic richness and emotional impact of playing Albion, new music has been recorded with Prague's FILMharmonic Orchestra. This was composed over the last year by Marie along with Albion’s original composer Jonne Valtonen, and includes new music for:

  • Combat and Bosses
  • Cities and Starter Towns
  • Hideouts
  • Tutorial
  • Destiny Board


  • A percussive soundtrack seamlessly adapts to changes in threat level
  • Features in both PvP and PvE and is adapted to different combat scenarios:
    • Hellgates and dungeons include varied music "layers" based on the scenario
    • Three different boss themes, depending on mob type and threat level
    • These convey a sense of danger and urgency, while emphasizing the player’s own agency and a sense of fun

City Themes

In line with the stronger sense of regional identity within Albion that the Lands Awakened update brings, each city will have its own theme that reflects the character of the different factions:

  • Lymhurst retains its existing city theme, with its proud and playful character
  • The down-to-earth, easy-going inhabitants of Martlock have an upbeat theme, reminiscent of a beery celebration after a combat victory
  • The music of Bridgewatch reflects its dignity and elegance as well as the energy of a bustling trading city
  • The magic and mystery of the swamps come through in Thetford’s theme, which emphasizes its people’s wisdom, knowledge and connection to nature
  • Deep in the cold, hostile mountains, the people of Fort Sterling are sober, hardy warriors, whose pride in their strength is conveyed through its theme
  • Caerleon, the city of outlaws, musically expresses its identity as a devious, dangerous place, yet also with a sense of adventure

The starter towns of Albion also have a new theme to convey their liveliness and the sense of adventure at the beginning of a journey.

Hideout Themes

For the first time, Hideouts have their own musical identity, befitting their status as a player’s home within the black zones.

  • Simple, memorable melodies reinforce the “do-it-yourself” feeling of Hideouts
  • The theme develops as a Hideout grows, reflecting its progression:
    • Starts low-key and calm, with a sense of precarious beginnings
    • Upgraded Hideouts gain a more orchestral theme reminiscent of a busy tavern

Additional Soundtrack Changes

  • New tutorial music which highlights the excitement of first arriving in Albion
  • A new Destiny Board theme, reinforcing the mystical, fateful feeling of looking over one’s own journey

This new soundtrack will really enhance the emotional experience of fighting, trading and venturing within the world of Albion Online. Stay tuned for more Dev Talks coming soon, where we’ll look at upcoming changes to Guild Seasons, HQ Hideouts, and more. See you then!

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