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Consumables and Potions

For the upcoming Closed Beta, we have added upon our farming system to offer more variety and to make food and potion production an even more interesting pastime.

November 13, 2015 at 9:01 AM by Christoph

We know you are out there. Potion-brewers. Farmers. Cooks. You are one of the pillars of our player-driven economy. Without your food and potions, life would be more bland in the lands of Albion. Without food, you could not sustain your territories or your crafting stations, and consumables and potions make an Adventurer’s life tastier.

Of Nomming

Generally, we differentiate between food and potions in Albion.

Ingredients for food you can grow yourself on farmland, like your private islands, and by breeding animals and butchering them afterwards for raw meat. Afterwards you take the raw ingredients and cook them up into tasty meals.

By consuming it, your character will gain some buffs for a certain period of time:

  • Soup. Increases Health Regeneration outside of combat
  • Salad. Increases crafting speed and quality
  • Pie. Increases maximum load and gathering speed
  • Omelette. Reduces cooldown periods and casting times
  • Stew. Gives a bonus to combat damage
  • Sandwiches. Increase your maximum health

All the foods come in three different flavors (Tiers).

Here’s to Potions!

Potions on the other hand, give you shorter, or even instant, but stronger benefits. Their possible effects are:

  • A short heal over time effect
  • A short energy over time effect
  • A flask to revive an incapacitated ally
  • A strong increase of your defense values
  • A slowing field created at your feet
  • A potion that increases the regeneration of spell use
  • A potion that instantly removes negative effects

To spice things up further, we have tackled quite a few systems surrounding consumables and farming since the end of the Summer Alpha.

Become a Master Alchemist in Your Own Backyard

The creation of potions has also been overhauled. The rare drops needed for alchemic recipes are now a thing of the past. Instead, you now grow all your herbs in the all-new herb garden. In a system similar to farming, you grow herbs which you will then be able to brew into one of seven different helpful potions afterwards.

You will want to make sure to stock up on both foods and potions when you head out into the wild! Feel free to share your thoughts on our Forums.

Want to try this out in our Closed Beta?


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