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Community Video Roundup: Alone in the Zone

A collection of recent community videos featuring solo black zone PvP and PvE.

October 19, 2018 at 10:09 AM by PrintsKaspian

The past few months have seen an influx of excellent videos chronicling solo black zone play in Albion. The selection below showcases everything from single-player duels to treasure hunting to solo ganking, and even some good old-fashioned trolling.

We start off with Zulmer, who shows off some excellent Warbow skills in PvP:

In a similar vein, Nausk, perhaps Albion's best-known Warbow player, returns with another episode of his Black Zone Tales series:

Helgulfr, guild leader of Gypsies (recently profiled here) shows off some impressive Heron Spear PvP skills:

Next up are two videos from Gugusteh, whose videos present interesting high-level solo-play narratives set in Albion's ruthless Outlands. Here's "Albion Online: A Solo PvE Story":

And here's the more PvP-centric "Albion Online: A Solo Adventure":

Does honor exist in the lawless Outlands? Join Elsa for a high-stakes 1v1 black zone duel with a surprising outcome:

Renzgar Pangrim uses the Bloodletter to deadly effect as a solo ganker:

And finally, as a bonus, join Readytime for a masterclass in black-zone trolling:

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