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A Look at the Renewed Destiny Board and Item System

August 1 brings a lot of changes, including a renewed Destiny Board and new ways to obtain powerful items. Read more about it here!

July 6, 2016 at 4:00 PM by Enya

As we have already teased on the Final Beta update page, the Destiny Board and Item System are about to undergo some changes! This includes faster ways to unlock the items and specialization of your choice, as well as brand new Artifact items and a new Enchantment system!

Tickled your fancy? Join us as we go over the changes you can expect to see on August 1.

Do note that this is still a work in progress, so specific details such as UI and icons might change.

Destiny Board

The Destiny Board is undergoing several changes, making it easier to unlock items while still requiring time and effort to become a powerful specialist. Gatherers and Refiners will also have more options to specialize at the tier of their choice.


In order to allow adventurers to quickly specialize in the items of their choice, all sub-categories of an item will be unlocked upon reaching Tier 4 (Adept). All items of the same tier will be equally powerful, with more spells being unlocked per item as you unlock higher tiers.

For example: in order to use Divine Staff, you will need to first unlock the Journeyman Mage node and afterwards the Priest Node.

While you can unlock items relatively easy, you will need to specialize and work hard to unblock mastery levels to gain bonuses and become really powerful with an item.


The entire right side of the new Destiny Board will be devoted to crafting and refining. Similar to the Combat system, upon reaching Tier 4 (Adept), a crafter can craft all sub-items of the category and will be able to specialize in the item(s) of their choice. Specializing in an item increases the Crafting Quality and Crafting Focus Cost Reduction Bonus.


The gathering nodes have been changed to allow gatherers to specialize per tier, for each resource, starting at Tier 3. This allows players to continue progressing and gain Gathering Yield, even if they decide to not start gathering higher tier resources.


Refining will work similar to gathering, allowing players to specialize on a single tier and gain Crafting Focus Cost Reduction, without being forced to refine higher tier resources.

Artifact Items

Artifact items are high-end weapons and equipment obtainable through PvE. While they are hard to obtain, they are the most powerful items in the game and worth the effort. Not only do they look distinctive, they also have a unique third slot spell that cannot be found on any other weapon.

If you want to craft an Artifact weapon or armor, you will need the usual resources as well as a specific Artifact linked to the item you want to create. These drop from several PvE Bosses. Alternatively, you can meld an Artifact from Artifact Fragments, which are obtainable from several PvE Mobs.

In order to use or craft an Artifact item, you need to have the corresponding core item unlocked in your Destiny Board. Example: in order to use an Expert’s Tombhammer, you need to have Expert’s Hammer unlocked.

More information on this will follow in a future video!

Enchantment System

The old enchantment system allowing for the creation of .4, .5 and .6 items will be removed, along with the resources that were required for it.

Instead, all items can be crafted on four different enchantment levels: neutral, one, two and three. In order to craft an enchanted item, a crafter will need the enchanted versions of the material they would normally use.

Enchantment level one: Uncommon resources
Enchantment level two: Rare resources
Enchantment level three: Exceptional resources

Enchanted items are significantly stronger than their non-enchanted counterparts, as each enchantment level equals one additional tier in power.

For example: 7.0 Sword = 6.1 Sword = 5.2 Sword = 4.3 Sword

Enchanted items can only be crafted from scratch. It is not possible to enchant an already existing item. You do not need additional Destiny Board unlocks in order to use or craft enchanted weapons. For example: Unlocking Expert’s Hammers (Tier 5) will allow you to use Expert’s Hammers of any enchantment level.

Spell Selection on the Go

In order to create more tactical flexibility in the field, as well as make it easier to buy and sell items, you will be able to change the Spells and Abilities of your items on the go. Simply open your item’s spell tab, and click and hold the spell icon to change the spell.

The Reforge system will be removed, as well as spell selection during crafting. Once an item is placed on the Auction House, all previously selected spells are reset and they can be re-selected upon equipping.

What do you think of the renewed Destiny Board and Item System? Let us know in the comments below!


Morguhl July 25, 2016 21:39

so only resources that are used for enchantment level 4 will be worth gathering .. i thought wed get rid of that system :( READ MORE SHOW LESS

Skiblet July 25, 2016 20:31

I would rather not be able to switch spells on the go, or have a 30 min cd after changing. READ MORE SHOW LESS

Kabster July 23, 2016 18:35

I must agree with griselda when it comes to changing attacks on the go, and it just isn't the same. I think the old one was a better idea, but the other changes are quiet relieving and awesome :p Keep it up! READ MORE SHOW LESS

Dsy_Blaze July 16, 2016 02:53

love the new item system and great job on the DB i believe this is less confusing then the last one IMO cant wait till the 1st keep it up

Griselda July 15, 2016 21:35

Change spells on the go? So my character can only remember a few attacks, and has to stop and think really hard whenever he wants to use different ones? I'd rather we either know a bunch of attacks, and let us bind attacks to any keys we want, or keep it how it is, swapping attacks on the fly certainly gives us more attacks, and certainly allows us to also exist within the old model of not having many attacks at one time, but WHY! This is not better!!! I'm sure being able to fly, and instantly 1-shot mobs would be helpful too!!!!!!! BUT WHY!!!!

Seems very gimmicky and breaks immersion imo, the old system of locking attacks into items was legit, made sense and was a great feature for crafter demand.... READ MORE SHOW LESS

War July 13, 2016 19:07

Still; a sword is a sword is a sword - the crafter can only influence it by 3 degrees. The buyer has total control over the skills too? Very shallow crafting system. READ MORE SHOW LESS

Mad_Miranda July 10, 2016 13:51

This is making me want to play the game again

chickendinosaur July 9, 2016 05:28

What about the city economy? Owning city plots are still dumb ever since the first alpha when they meant something. Also, hope you take reforging out and add more crafting mechanics that make sense. READ MORE SHOW LESS

idio July 8, 2016 10:10

AWESOME!! Can't wait to play! READ MORE SHOW LESS

Vlakna July 7, 2016 17:13

Crafting will be fun now!!

Dalgrimar July 7, 2016 13:52

Looking awsome!!!! READ MORE SHOW LESS

Blinkz July 7, 2016 09:14

I like it, very much a step in the right direction! READ MORE SHOW LESS

Kainoren July 7, 2016 08:25

I like the changes overall, and as someone said before, adding WASD controls and more key binds, like attack or accept and not having to click every little think with the mouse, would be a realy quality of life change !! READ MORE SHOW LESS

ndstog July 7, 2016 00:28

Adding WASD controls and previous/next target, would be easy programming, giving better control on a touch screen, would be able to play AO with a controller with desktops and laying the ground work AO full potential of cross platform to console gaming. Food for thought. READ MORE SHOW LESS

vashangelarm July 6, 2016 22:56

when crafting enchanted items should have a chance to break and become trash to add longevity to the game READ MORE SHOW LESS

Blackthron July 6, 2016 22:27

is there any delay when changing skills? should be something like changing your flag. 30-60 seconds will be all right. READ MORE SHOW LESS

War July 6, 2016 20:39

Still very few skills to choose from and a very bland experience READ MORE SHOW LESS

Kutweer July 6, 2016 17:51

Looks fantastic! Great work guys! READ MORE SHOW LESS

Thorock July 6, 2016 17:33


agonyclutch July 6, 2016 17:30

Now i can change my root on the fly for frost perfect :D READ MORE SHOW LESS

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