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A Brief Guide to Territory Claiming

Guild Season 8 begins this Saturday - read up on how to claim territories!

January 29, 2020 at 12:20 PM by PrintsKaspian

With the recent Queen update, territory control is no longer determined via 5v5 battles, and is instead decided via open-world fights. We've created this guide to explain how to launch an attack, claim an enemy territory or defend your own territory.

First off, territories have the following benefits and defenses:

  • Siphoning Mages which generate Season Points and Siphoned Energy for the guild
  • NPC guards that defend the territory from enemy guilds
  • A tower armed with a devastating lightning beam, providing a fallback position when outnumbered in the open world
  • Guild owning the territory may receive a daily Silver tribute from Hideout owners in the same zone
  • Only territory owners can attack fully established Hideouts within the same zone
  • Higher enchantment rates of surrounding resources and better resource yield
  • Some territories provide farm plots in the open world

Open-World Territory Control

In former seasons, outside of Invasion Days, territory control could be contested by enemy guilds via 5v5 "GvG" battles. Under the new territory control system introduced with the Queen update, all territory control fights, including those outside of Invasion Days, take place in the open world. This means that multiple guilds, as well as non-affiliated players, may show up during the battle.

Declaring an Attack on an Enemy Territory

Attack Declarations can be made at any time at the territory tower, independent of a cluster’s prime time. In order to declare an attack:

  • you need to first take out the Sentry Mage, located in front of the tower.
  • When the Sentry Mage is defeated, the tower’s lightning beam is disabled. Now you can go to the tower and declare an attack. (Note: The Sentry Mage will respawn after 20 minutes)
  • Declaring an attack costs 2 million silver, paid from your guild account, and you must have the “Attack Territory” permission in the guild. A 10-second channel will begin, which is not interrupted by damage - only "hard CC" spells like Wind Wall or Knockback will interrupt the channel.
  • A territory can be attacked by multiple guilds at once. All guilds who declare an attack will join the same battle.
  • The territory battle will take place at the beginning of the next primetime after a minimum of 20 hours since the attack has been declared

Rules of Battle

  • The Sentry Mage despawns 15 minutes before the battle (disabling the tower’s lightning beam)
  • The battle begins at primetime.
  • The battleground is directly at the territory in the open world (not in an instanced location as with prior seasons).
  • Any player can enter the cluster or cluster queue and take part in the fight.
  • As soon as the attack starts, guilds who have declared an attack in advance (see above) can claim the territory by channeling the tower:
    • The channel lasts 30 seconds, and as with attack declarations, is not interrupted by damage. Other than killing the channeling player, only "hard CC" can interrupt the channel.
    • Guilds without attack declarations in advance cannot interact with the tower.
    • The first guild to channel the tower wins the fight
    • The tower can also be channeled by the defending guild to end the attack.
    • If after 30 minutes no one has channeled the tower, the defender wins by default.

Invasion Day

Guild seasons begin with an Invasion Day, where ownership of all territories is reset and they can be claimed in the open world by any eligible guild. Throughout the course of the season, there are two additional territory resets. For exact days and times of these events, see the Guild Season 8 schedule.

Here’s a quick guide to claiming a territory on Invasion Day:

  • During the invasion, the territory is overrun by Vengeful Guardians
  • Defeat the Elite Vengeful Guardian Lord, which spawns at the territory tower and is designed for a group of 5-10 players
  • Once the boss is defeated, you may begin channeling the tower to claim the territory. To claim it, you must meet the following requirements:
    • Pay 2 million Silver from the Guild account
    • Must have ‘Claim Territory’ permission in the Guild
    • Your guild must have at least 1,000,000 Fame in total

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