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Blue Army Takes GvG Season 6

Blue Army cements their place in Albion's history with their third successive seasonal victory.

July 16, 2019 at 11:27 AM by PrintsKaspian / Shozen

With their decisive Season 6 victory, Blue Army has pulled off Albion Online's first-ever GvG season hat-trick. Streamer and Blue Army officer RobinhoodRS says: 

“BA went into this season with one goal set in mind and that was to smash Money Guild and in-turn the OOPS Alliance and be the first guild to have a third shard on their flag. Free to Play was a shock to all of us and we saw a massive spike in the size of alliances because of it, so we had to take action and keep up and recruit more guilds into SQUAD. The first month or so was very fun as we had two alliances to fight, EOS & OOPS so our content was extremely large and we had constant large scale fights for open world objectives.”

Preparation, commitment, hard work, and good friends. That's how Blue Army has done it every season for the last 10 months... It was never just on one person, it was a team effort.  Whether it was KingMojo, Night and Sucks leading out front or Pareille and Yuki behind the scenes, nobody was ever left to do it on their own. Sllice, Daddyvarian, MrFlako, Groglor, Dayzu, Gugusteh, Zemletruus, Sageleaf, Skulkesnuppa, Skulkesyk, ZezeCarrotFarmer, and Kewpa all put in huge efforts as officers. The list of active members who showed to each ZvZ is basically the guild roster. This guild's activity is through the roof.

This season had some real challenges for BA, especially in keeping up the activity and morale after the loss of the cities to OOPS and their alliance GvG teams from Scelti and 1PG. Even losing all of the territories in Mercia didn't get them down. They just kept at their strengths of high activity in mage raiding and ZvZ castle dominance.

Pareille also praises the guild leadership, but has particular appreciation for Yuki: "Yuki was doing the background work when I couldn't, and that's a huge part that people can't see: helping members, gearing people, making sure to have all the stuff ready to regear everyone. Gearing a hundred people after a wipe is a lot of work!"

Other guild members likewise point to shotcaller Sucks (who we featured several months back in a spotlight) as a deciding factor. In addition to leading Blue Army's relentless ZvZ forces, he provided valuable training to the overall SQUAD alliance, helping ensure Blue Army's third seasonal victory.

Season 6 Rewards are Here - and Season 7 is Coming

Meanwhile, the Battle Eagles awarded to this season's ranking teams have begun filling the streets of Caerleon, and construction has begun on Blue Army's third victory statue. Pay a visit to Conquerors' Hall at the Caerleon Realmgate to check out current and past champions!

GvG Season 7 starts on Saturday, August 3, bringing big changes to guild warfare in Albion. For a rundown of everything coming with the new season, click here.

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