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The Avalonian Invasion Escalates

With today's territory reset, the Avalonian Invasion enters its next phase.

December 7, 2019 at 9:34 AM by PrintsKaspian

The Avalonians in the Outlands thus far were just the beginning. Now new foes have appeared, and a voice from Albion's ancient past brings a dire warning...


With today's territory reset, the number and variety of Avalonians in the Outlands has increased: in addition to the Acolyte and Archer, players will now face the Avalonian Attack Drone, Avalonian Spearman, and Avalonian Winged Guard.In addition, guilds hoping to claim territories during today's reset will not face the standard wraiths, but instead Avalonians who have seized the territories for themselves. These new foes will require guilds to stay on their toes and use everything at their disposal to emerge triumphant.

As a reminder, this unique Standalone Event Season lasts until January 20. For a complete list of the changes coming with today's Reset Day, please see the official patchnotes.

Phase Two of the Avalonian Invasion has just begun... and there's much more to come before the season ends.

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