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The Upcoming Artifact System

Learn more about the upcoming Artifact System and Items in our latest video!

July 21, 2016 at 1:00 PM by Enya

Final Beta will introduce an abundance of new features, including new Artifact equipment! Want to learn more about these new upcoming items? Join Community Manager Christoph Hombergs as he sits down with Game Designers Michael Schwahn and Matt Woodward to ask them all about the new Artifact System.

No time to watch the video? Here is a brief rundown of the Artifact system!

Why add Artifact Items?

First of all, we wanted to improve the current PvE content by adding more rare loot. Especially Bosses needed to be more rewarding

Secondly, this gives players who do not want to fame grind another option to get good equipment, either through PvE or by buying them off the Auction House. As Artifact Items don’t require you to unlock every mastery to become powerful, they are the perfect choice for those who can afford them.

What are Artifacts?

Artifacts are the remainders of weapons used in the horrible war that happened 1,300 years ago, leading to the destruction of Albion at its time. While the weapons and armor have been destroyed, several of their cores (“Artifacts”) can be found by beating the toughest creatures of each Faction.

These Artifacts can be brought to a skilled crafter, who can use it to re-create the powerful items they once were part of.

What are Artifact Fragments?

Some Artifacts did not withstand the test of time, resulting in them becoming mere Fragments. Several high tier mobs and bosses will drop these fragments, which you can then take to the Melding Building in the city to forge Artifacts.

What make Artifact Items special?

Not only do the weapons and armors have a distinctive look based on the various Albion factions, they are also very powerful and have unique spells and abilities (with the exception of off-hand items, which do not have spells).

Artifact items are available from Tier 4 up to Tier 8 and can enchanted as well.

How many Artifact Items are heading our way?

Every core Destiny Board item will get a corresponding Artifact Item, with the exception of off-hands which will get three corresponding Artifact Items. This means there will be a total of 81 new Artifact Items: 45 weapons, 9 off-hands and 9 armor sets (head, chest, shoes).

Not all Artifact Items will be present in game at the start of Final Beta, however more will be added throughout the Final Beta. Here are the ones you can already start crafting starting August 1:


Bloodletter (Morgana Dagger)

Carrioncaller (Morgana Halberd)

Black Monk Stave (Morgana Quarterstaff)

Clarent Blade (Morgana Broadsword)

Lifetouch Staff (Morgana Holy Staff)

Tombhammer (Undead Hammer)

Whispering Bow (Undead Longbow)

Weeping Repeater (Undead Crossbow)

Lifecurse Staff (Undead Cursed Staff)

Witchwork Staff (Undead Arcane Staff)


Eye of Secrets (Morgana Orb)

Sarcophagus (Undead Shield)

Armor Sets:

Graveguard Set (Undead Soldier Plate Armor Set)

Stalker Set (Morgana Mercenary Leather Armor Set)

Will you be getting your hands on an Artifact Item? Let us know in the comments below!

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