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Albion Online - The Journey Starts NOW!

The wait is over and the Albion Online server is open! Are you ready to start your adventure?

July 17, 2017 at 1:00 PM by Enya

We are very proud to announce that the Albion Online live server is online and running, and the first Legendary adventurers have already arrived at the shores of the starter islands. As Albion Online is now officially released, everyone starts with a clean slate and history is ready to be written! What will your story be?

Start Your Adventure!

Legendary Founders and Legendary Starters can start playing right now!

Epic Founders and Epic Starters can start playing on July 18th, at 13:00 UTC.

Veteran Founders and Veteran Starters can join them on July 19th, at 13:00 UTC.

Are your fingers itching to start exploring? Download Albion Online and make sure you have your hands on one of the different packs.

Craft. Trade. Conquer!

Write your own story in the massive open world of Albion, a sandbox MMORPG where you get to decide who you are. No need to pick a class, your equipment determines who you are! Switching from knight to magician is as easy as swapping your armor and weapon.

Explore a vast, open world, consisting of different unique biomes, where everything you do has an impact. Take part in the player-driven economy, where every piece of equipment is crafted by players from resources gathered by players.

More of a fighting type? Venture out into the world or into dungeons and face Albion’s inhabitants and wildlife, or fight other adventurers in open world clashes and tactical group battles for territory control.

Relax by retreating to your personal island. Build a home. Grow crops. Raise animals. Leave your mark in the world. In Albion, everybody matters!



KsclPsycko282 August 6, 2017 18:07

You need a starters pack to play the game :( READ MORE SHOW LESS

Deo_Vindice August 2, 2017 22:43

Ok. So, for now I have read that the game will be free to play after the official release, right. Well, I don't know what the hell Is happening but, I think that this game is not for free. When will the game be for real , for free. I mean com on 2 or 3 years ago you have told us that after the official release the game will be for free. If it is not going to be for free, change you're program so that you can't download before you pay. READ MORE SHOW LESS

Donon July 29, 2017 21:19

"The wait is over and the Albion Online server is open! Are you ready to start your adventure?"


Saeth July 25, 2017 10:39

There is a mistake in the site. The game is supposed to be named “Albion Offline”. READ MORE SHOW LESS

Drawenhun July 24, 2017 22:30

No, the journey doesnt starts now... it will start after the 1h 30m queue. READ MORE SHOW LESS

Kritix July 24, 2017 17:41

oh, we are back to queues, great idea.
You cannot be mad about lags, if you cannot get in game at all. READ MORE SHOW LESS

Menkrik July 24, 2017 13:24

Albion Online - a sandbox game.

you'll wait in line and yes our server is literally a box of sand. READ MORE SHOW LESS

Kritix July 23, 2017 17:49

I really wonder if we get our premium time back for all the time we are not able to play because of this READ MORE SHOW LESS

Kritix July 23, 2017 17:47

Brand new sandbox MMORPG with potato servers. READ MORE SHOW LESS

Sholkha July 23, 2017 12:46

I was just going to type out a rant, but instead I will just simply say, those who call others cheap for not buying the game, or the idea that F2P communities are toxic, are simply beyond Ignorant. And yes I am sad that the game isn't F2P, since there are a massive number of ways they could make a huge impact and sustain everything in a F2P model, I am not angry or really upset, since I can still see why they made the choice they did. But, that is pretty much all. Feel like you know better? By all means shoot me a response. READ MORE SHOW LESS

CelestialJonathan July 23, 2017 10:57

It's a shame that the developers lied, i really was expecting for a free to play parts but i guess the developers only care for the money they will receive. Also, those who find it good that it's pay to play? you ever saw a online game where players didn't try to hack even though its pay to play and had a chance to get you banned? cs:go has so many hackers that the only thing i enjoy about it anymore is watching professionals play in tournaments. READ MORE SHOW LESS

Shogunia July 22, 2017 10:37

My hopes and dreams got destroyed when this game turned out to change its business model.
You could had just stayed as F2P and have a not pay to win cash shop that's how you get people into.
We will just come to you if you guys are not just focusing only on your personal interest! READ MORE SHOW LESS

Thinker July 22, 2017 01:53

Why did you make houses decay outside of PREMIUM. That wasn't a thing before and seems really 'scammy' to patch that in just for launch. Also, there's no que management? It's an MMO FFS, you're suppose to have these things. READ MORE SHOW LESS

Menkrik July 21, 2017 16:33

I would like to get back my money. The money I donated to a promising project which would allow everyone to enjoy good game.
Now this? You have to pay for it and it runs like shit?
Even most FTP games have better servers. READ MORE SHOW LESS

Vlad-Commando July 21, 2017 15:56

Are you kidding me? I waited like 2 years and Now this. I knew that free to play is to good to be true and I would probably have to pay anyway, but seriously? Anual fee of 100 dollars? If this game was out at the same time as I bought GTA5, I would have spent on total more money on this. And from what I heard, the server is running sh*t. 5000 queue with 6 crashes per day. Glad I didn't pay. No matter how good the content might be, you lied about f2p, put a huge subscription fee, and now, when is finally out, you can't even manage your server. Fix the game, scrap that fee, maybe even make it free as you promised, and then I will be interested. So much enthusiasm for lies and crashes. You were lucky to at least make me interested thanks to youtubers promoting you. READ MORE SHOW LESS

thegoodfella543 July 21, 2017 12:26

oh wow, i heard this was gonna be free to play, now i see its damn subsciption based...passing READ MORE SHOW LESS

Nicholie July 21, 2017 01:05

Literally spend the money on a great game and stop being poor lol. READ MORE SHOW LESS

ElSwoopy July 21, 2017 00:13

Nothing but rage in the comments. This game is amazing. The fact that it's pay to play only makes it better in my opinion, weeds out the toxic f2p community and rewards those who are loyal. Great job sandbox. Keep up the good work. READ MORE SHOW LESS

LacVir July 20, 2017 03:14

I'll give this game a year of an actual player base (at best) if it's not f2p by the end of October... a shame really, it could have been a real game changer in the world of mmo's. Guess we will have to leave that to someone else... READ MORE SHOW LESS

Faeryns July 20, 2017 02:53

You guys claimed this was going to be a free to play game I've waited 2over 2 years with eager anticipation to play it then decide If I wanted to give you guys my money if it was something I could play since I only have one functional hand now I find out its a pay to play wtf? You should not have lied and this game is going to tank super fast if you lied about as much as other comments imply you have. READ MORE SHOW LESS

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