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Albion Development Recap (January 23)

In this week’s recap, it is time to find out about what has happened to the previously mentioned open world PvE changes.

January 23, 2017 at 6:00 PM by Enya

Join Level Designer Dominik Müller as he delves deeper into the upcoming open world PvE changes, more specifically the changes made to dungeons, mob camps, as well as the new random camps and home bases!

Watch the video here:

Cannot watch the video right now? Here is a brief rundown of what is mentioned:

Dungeons and Mob Camps

As we are changing the world’s layout, we are not only reducing the amount of regions but are also giving each of them their own identity. Part of how we are doing that is by changing the way mob camps and dungeons are set up.

First of all, mob camps will no longer be accompanied by the current large dungeons. Instead, after you have fought your way through the mob camp, you will be able to enter a smaller dungeon. This dungeon will not be as time-consuming as the current large dungeons, but still feature a boss. Consider it a cherry on top of the regular mob camp!

However, you will still be able to find larger dungeons throughout the world. Unlike now, they are scattered around the open world without a mob camp to protect them. We have also revamped the dungeons to be less linear, making them feel more like a sandbox.

Random Camps

To add more variety to the world, we are also adding random mob camps. These camps are small scenarios you might run into when exploring the world of Albion. Each camp has a different combination of mobs and come in different rarities. That regular Undead camp you defeated the other day, may suddenly have a miniboss waiting for you!

Each faction has a variety of camps, and it is your job to venture into the open world and discover them. You will certainly be rewarded for your effort!

Home Bases

Home bases are maps entirely dedicated to a specific faction. These regions are the ultimate PvE grind spot, as it offers content for single players, small groups and even raid content.

One of these home bases is the Undead’s monastery. As you first enter the map, you will find yourself surrounded by various small farms and villages. There you will find relatively easy mobs, perfect to fight as a single player. As you go behind the monastery’s walls, the atmosphere becomes more grim and death slowly becomes ever-present. You will start to encounter more dangerous mobs, as well as minibosses, for which you will need friends to make it out alive.

Brave adventurers will venture even deeper into the region and into the Undead’s cathedral. There they will find the Undead’s raid content, with one daily boss and one weekly boss. The latter will be globally announced when he is spawned in the world, so everyone is aware of his presence! The spawn-time will shift over timezones, giving everyone a chance to fight this tremendous raid boss.

While all of these aforementioned changes are centered on PvE, it is important to note that they will also increase the PvP activity in the open world. You will certainly not be the only one going after the various new camps and home bases, so bring your friends and stay alert!

Are you excited for these upcoming changes? Let us know your thoughts, feedback and questions in the comments below or on our forums.

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