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Albion Development Recap (May 19)

Hector is around the corner and includes improvements to the Outlands. Game Director Robin Henkys is here to tell you all about it!

May 19, 2017 at 10:00 AM by Enya

Galahad introduced some major changes to the Outlands, and in general we are very happy with what we have achieved. Nonetheless, there are still some minor things we want to improve before the official release of Albion Online. This includes overthinking the roles and goals of the Outlands cities, as well as reward balancing, without changing the lawless identity of the black zones.

What exact changes are coming to the Outlands? Find out from Game Director Robin Henkys in our new Albion Development Recap!

You can expect these adjustments in the Hector update, coming on June 7, 2017!

For those who cannot watch the video right now, here is a written summary of the upcoming Outlands changes:

Caerleon as a Portal to the Outlands

One of the major gripes we have with the current Outlands, is that the cities are not fulfilling their roles of being a home for guilds without territories or players who have been excluded from the Royal Continent. For this reason, we have decided to remove all cities in the Outlands, as well as all harbors. Instead, a massive portal will now be available in Caerleon, the center city of the Royal Continent.

This portal will lead to different parts of the Outlands, with four exits per region of the Outlands. These exits are different per arena of the Outlands. The low regions will have green exits, the mid region yellow exits and the high-end region red exits. Using the portal is free of costs, but it will bind you the exit you have used for a short time, as well as the region of the Outlands you travelled to for a longer amount of time. This limits how guilds can project their force in the Outlands, while still allowing Caerleon to function as a hub for the Outlands.

With these changes, Caerleon will now be considered a black zone citiy, allowing players with a Nefarious or Dreaded reputation to enter.

Increased Rewards and Other Changes

There are two changes coming to the rewards of the Outlands.

First of all, the resource distribution is being adjusted. All parts of the Outlands are getting the same amount of resources, but will have different rates of enchanted resources. The higher areas are getting an increased rate. This creates a really strong incentive for gatherers to go to the Outlands, if they want to get their hands on level two and three enchanted materials.

Secondly, in order to make GvG more attractive, we are changing the way watchtower territories work. Watchtowers will now be the only place in the world where you can find Tier 8 resources. On top of that, resources will respawn at the start of the prime time of the territory. This means that at that time, or right after the first GvG fight, you can begin to harvest those resources.

If your guild does not own a watchtower territory, you can still get your hands on Tier 8 resources as you can now raid watchtowers and collect its high-end resources, even if it does not belong to you.

Lastly, we are currently testing out the anti-zerg display in the Outlands on the Albion Online live server. This mechanism shows groups of more than ten players on the minimap, and should in general provide more balanced fights and overall action. Right now we are analyzing the data we have collected from this test in order to decide if we keep this display enabled or not.


As the harbors and black zone cities are being removed, so are their banks and cityplots. If you have any items stored in one of the following maps, please make sure to move them to a safe place before Hector goes live on June 7!

  • Aberdown Harbor
  • Cawl Quay
  • Clack Quay
  • Farewich
  • Fort Thursair
  • Harlech Quay
  • Lowe Quay
  • Lyme Harbor
  • Mull Quay
  • Noss Quay
  • Pember Quay
  • Sheerbrough
  • Sunder Quay
  • Tenby Quay

Marketplaces and islands linked to soon-to-be removed maps will be moved to Caerleon.

Stay tuned for more information on the update, coming next week!

What do you think about these upcoming Outlands changes? Let us know in the comments below or on our forums!


Termanology May 21, 2017 10:21

why not introducing ships in to this game ,there is somuch water and with hidden islands/treasure island it would be somthing sailing out with the guild (pirate guilds etc seafights)
like ultima online had them bringing a whole new atmosphere in the game
i think its a bad idea to remove the harbours . just sayn READ MORE SHOW LESS

Gixta May 21, 2017 00:56

"Marketplaces and islands linked to soon-to-be removed maps will be moved to Caerleon."

So you don't have to move anything? Just list everything in your chests on the marketplaces and have it transfer to the caerleon. Transport as much as your want,without moving. All for the low price of the listing fee? Then either cancel auction,or let it sell if you want.

Or am i looking at this wrong?


Exeon May 21, 2017 00:45

can u fix rep pls ive been out of royals for a month i am bad boy :((

Schubey May 20, 2017 18:20

i didnt saw most of the areas, with the update i guess these areas will be even more uninteresting? READ MORE SHOW LESS

ColeHunter May 20, 2017 17:18

Balancing the resources, again, sounds great. Removing the harbors and quays, WHAT?

-What happens when your locked out of caerleon and cannot use the portal?
-A Binding, being able to travel around the quay's was a very nice feature. (restrictive) should i log out while i wait 2 hours. or just go play something else.
-True BZ was never rich enough for me to care to go there, the incentive wasn't worth the trade off.
+why not just make lockers/chests rewarding enough for small groups again.
+not enough camps to attack territories.
+Players will always find exploits, and even more to complain about. the last changes were great, should have stuck with slight improves not major changes. The HG are going in the right direction. if you want more small group play, reward it, and restrict zergs.

+++Also great idea, the more players to attack someone the more gear gets trashed, if the groups don't get anything from them, they have less reasons to do so. A BONUS more gear gets crafted and sold, more resources need harvested, the economy gets some love too. To many players and the whole attack goes for nothing more then the kill board. READ MORE SHOW LESS

Frixs May 20, 2017 14:01

You are still changining the core of the game. And everything else is still in progress for more than 2 years. READ MORE SHOW LESS

sciphone May 20, 2017 14:01

This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard in my life, really only 1 way to get to black, do you even realize how many people are going to over crowd the city. We need the ports they serve a purpose please don't ruin the game even more READ MORE SHOW LESS

BruhZerk May 20, 2017 06:28

Progression makes much more sense with the portal located in Caerleon. Overall I think all of these changes make sense and will help fix and promote gameplay in the black zone! I really like that you guys are focusing on bringing an identity to different locations on the map and really hope you continue this to make memorable landmarks everywhere to encourage exploration. Perhaps even have an award system for visiting areas on the map and unlock avatars or something :P One other thing I think would be kind of cool would be if you added a dueling arena / Colosseum in Caerleon, or in the main black zone city. This way all of the best duelists in Albion will meet up in a central location and have an area to fight. Would also be a great place to hold 2v2, - 5v5 (or more) duels and even include staking - like full loot stake or money / items? :D

Anyways, been rambling on for too long, Great job so far SI! Can't wait for July, 17!


GregoryG May 20, 2017 05:29

Great update. We will have a central market now and the black zone will be the next step after red zone. Now the red zone was kind of further away from the black zone than the yellow and blue zones. Keep it up! READ MORE SHOW LESS

Vicious666 May 20, 2017 04:56

Remove the display of zerg, how the fuck it promote pvp when ppl just run as soon they see the dots LOL is a non sense READ MORE SHOW LESS

Vallacy May 20, 2017 00:03

These Changes will be for the better I miss solo camping outside in wart river picking one guy off from his group that just runs by and watches him die. READ MORE SHOW LESS

Vallacy May 20, 2017 00:02

I join Big guilds to get the Big pvp content as well its really fun and can be extremely rewarding.... Also when you loot during a fight then die or people die during or after you looted you are 100% responsible for their death and you should take full blame and supply their gear back. ALL OF IT READ MORE SHOW LESS

Vallacy May 20, 2017 00:01

Loving the comments from the noobs of the game being a solo player who is part of a big guild who roams black zones with small parties and alone and live 90% of the engaged fights i get into really is funny. You people have no clue what to do you run really dumb ways kiting you do is sub-par. Take it from the Windlord learn to play the game its a survival of the fittest in the blackzones and that's it. You roll around in flat t4 t5 t6 and complain you get shit on all the time there is a reason for it. You pay money to make more money when you dont invest anything you will get trash returns as it reflects your gear you bring along with the mentality of your going to die. THIS is why more then half of you " kids" panic and run from fight ditching the ones who stand their ground I have won so many fights where I should have not but due to players being little scumbags and ditching their group is why you lose 9/10 times READ MORE SHOW LESS

Yuuhl May 19, 2017 22:42

"Marketplaces and islands linked to soon-to-be removed maps will be moved to Caerleon."

markes May 19, 2017 22:29

Worst update ever. How can you guys be so bad at game design? Were you drunk when you thought about this? READ MORE SHOW LESS

Geoso May 19, 2017 21:39

Do you realize that more than a thousand people will be in that central city in one moment? How do you plan to deal with when servers have a problem with four hundred people in one place?
If you want more action, limit the number of people they can add to the guild and the number of guilds in the alliance. Yes, maybe many goals have been accomplished, but everything is still only about two to three big guilds. If you want Albion to be one guild, just say that. Nothing here works for small guilds. READ MORE SHOW LESS

Orfo May 19, 2017 20:54

lets just all group in the city to see if the server can handle it spread the word :D READ MORE SHOW LESS

Captainrussia May 19, 2017 19:10

You can "raid" other guilds territories to gather t8...

As solo gatherer that also means you can "sneak" into other's territory, as not all players are online 24/7... you just have to find a guild that is on a different time zone as you (and as the resource timer)...

Think outside the box in the sandbox...

You can also trade any Tier resource on the market for the t7/8 resources...

You dont "actually" have to mine the t7/8 to have it... just trade for it... READ MORE SHOW LESS

GrimmLord May 19, 2017 19:06

about the t 8 ressources spawning only in guild territories .... how are solo players meant to gather them ? doesn t this greatly affect them and also small guilds with not enough power to beat the big guilds who will own all the territories with t 8 ressources ? please find another solution for the t8 resources READ MORE SHOW LESS

Captainrussia May 19, 2017 18:49

Amazing changes!!!

Thanks guys! cant wait...

(so hilarious at all the troll comments who dont understand economics or game design or PVP) READ MORE SHOW LESS

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