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Albion Development Recap (February 7)

Have a look at the new upcoming biome cities in our new Development Recap video!

February 7, 2017 at 12:30 PM by Enya

Game Director Robin Henkys is back in a new Development Recap, this time giving you a first look at all of the new biome cities. Don’t miss out on this eye candy:

Cities are one of the key features of Albion Online, as they are both the social and trading hubs of the game with players being ever-present. In their current state, they all look very similar to one another. This will change with the upcoming Galahad update, as we will give ever city their own distinctive look and layout, reflecting their place in the world and economy of Albion.

Mountain City

Deep in the cold, harsh mountains lies a city, built by brave adventurers on a mountain slope. The houses are built on a steep with a view directly into the dangerously deep valley. This city is certainly not for the faint of heart.

Swamp City

The swamp city is built on ancient, half-sunken ruins. In order to get around, traders and travelers alike have to cross its many bridges. Be careful not to fall into the water!

Steppe City

Similar to the mountains, the steppes are not an easy place to survive. Luckily, the Royal Forces have set up a town in the middle of the dry steppes, giving traders a place to rest and stock up on water and resources.

Forest City

The forest city is built on what used to be a castle. During the dark ages of Albion, nature had started to take over… until the Royal Expeditionary Forces came along and transformed it into a thriving forest town!

Highlands City

The hill this city is founded on used to belong to the ancient Keepers of Albion, and they consider it one of their holy sites. This is why the city is built as a stronghold, as the Keepers occasionally launch attacks in order to take back what was once theirs.

Royal Center City

In the middle of the Royal Continent lies the center city, built on the remnants of a magnificent fortress. This fortress is the last remaining legacy of the old kings of Albion, and is surrounded by the Undead and various other vicious creatures. Nonetheless, the Royal Forces have managed to claim the site and turn it into a trading hub. They are not in full control, as the city is in the middle of the red zones, but have provided a multitude of tunnels and secret passages for traders and criminals alike to enter and leave the city.

Are you looking forward to the new cities? Which town will you settle in? Let us know in the comments below or on our forums!


Gwen March 11, 2017 02:36

I know it would be a lot of work to change but, when a player builds a stable in a swamp zone, shouldn't be made out of different materials than a stable in a dry zone or in a snowy zone. In a swamp zone maybe the stable is made from trees, vines and banana leaf roofs, while in a dry zone maybe the buildings would be made from stucco or mud bricks and have clay tile roofs. In these videos it seems like the business buildings that people build are still all old european stone and beam buildings. They are beautiful but shouldn't they also fit the biome? Also if I buy an island in a snowy city, will there be snow on my island? READ MORE SHOW LESS

Jazyk February 15, 2017 21:55

Accompany each city with unique music. Nothing makes me feel more at home like entering Lumbridge with that 8-bit notes. READ MORE SHOW LESS

Gibson92 February 15, 2017 13:07

It will be nice if there were all kinds of quest in the game like with a cool story to it. :D READ MORE SHOW LESS

Gibson92 February 15, 2017 13:06


Raczer February 14, 2017 09:39

@Dhoone Agree that unique dungeons would be nice. But the artifacts should be crafted. It makes more sense acording to lore, but also makes Albion more unique.

I've seen so many games with great crafting systems(not as good as AO's). Ending up making crafting useless, because its much easier to just do dungeons and get weapons to use right away. READ MORE SHOW LESS

Dhoone February 10, 2017 01:07

Now you need to start making every dungeon unique, give them their own story. Start making artifacts unique drops from particular unique bosses. READ MORE SHOW LESS

Dhoone February 10, 2017 01:04

I like that you are starting to flesh out the world. Don't ever copy paste a city again !! READ MORE SHOW LESS

Raithe February 8, 2017 17:57


Raczer February 8, 2017 12:02

Would take alot of work, but it would be cool if the player buildings would fit the style and biome of the cities. Also if you craft armorpieces from a forest playerbuilding the armor would also have a uniqe forest look.

Would make peoble more connected to where they are from. And forest items would sure be worth alot more in the mountain city than in forest city where they are made! :P

Probbably not for beta, but perhaps in time. READ MORE SHOW LESS

Raczer February 8, 2017 11:44

Add cool names to the cities too! :D READ MORE SHOW LESS

Anarchism36 February 8, 2017 01:35

Any plans of adding dragons though? READ MORE SHOW LESS

vashangelarm February 7, 2017 21:59

have the starter towns been reworked also or remain the same? READ MORE SHOW LESS

vashangelarm February 7, 2017 21:55

I'm impressed.. lots of detail and variation. just have a question is there not going to be a black zone city? READ MORE SHOW LESS

Lycane February 7, 2017 19:33

Very nice job :) +rep READ MORE SHOW LESS

Barcel February 7, 2017 18:50

We all know the real reason to keep clicking on these updates is to find out when this beta will wipe. It was stated by the devs to be February-March. So there is obviously time left in the window given, however we haven't really received word of any further plans. The new cities look awesome, and I have no doubt the people making this game are working on cool stuff in addition. However, I can't see a good reason to rejoin this beta knowing it will all be gone in a month or so. I'm sure everyone is clamoring for a release and I am hopeful that the devs don't cave and release an unfinished product, but sooner or later everyone who was hyped before will be gone. Leaving the world even more empty then before. READ MORE SHOW LESS

Arcik February 7, 2017 17:46

This looks amazing, I can't wait for the next update! READ MORE SHOW LESS

Urbina February 7, 2017 16:55


Gank February 7, 2017 16:23

Looks amazing! Nice art work team =]

Maybe some hope for biome themed town plots in Black, with new GVG setup for town attacks?


javorovej February 7, 2017 16:01

The new cities are great. Swamp is best. READ MORE SHOW LESS

Tyuss February 7, 2017 13:26

Looks promising. But will there be unique places in the game world? Some dungeons or areas that are unique. Because in this beta the world felt like it was very copy pasted. Everyone that played Lineage 2 knows all the unique places of the world like Talking Island, Elven Ruins, Lair or Antharas, Giants cave etc. And these places gives you nostalgic feeling and memory about the place. READ MORE SHOW LESS

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