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Albion Armory: Lugzi’s Flailing Knight

Sometimes, a man’s got to do what a man’s got do. This week’s featured build is for those of you that love to fearlessly engage their opponents to create THE opportunity for their team.

May 30, 2017 at 5:30 PM by UrzakeFrostgard

When fighting against zergs in the open world, numbers are an important factor for the outcome of the battle. However, as long as both groups are just staring at each other from a distance, nobody wins or loses. In those situations, a single engage or counter can change the flow of the entire battle. It comes as no surprise that people create highly specialized builds with the single purpose of creating that opportunity for their team. Lugzi, guild leader of ZORN, succeeded in creating one of those specialized engaging builds and decided to share it with the community of Albion. Enjoy!

About the Flailing Knight

“Since I am the main shot caller of my guild, I decided to jump on the flail as it was buffed by adding the Pull Area into its available repertoire of abilities at the end of the first Beta,” Lugzi starts of about the creation of his build. “Being a tank helps me to get a great overview and a good grasp of the overall situation on the battlefield and allows me not only to call shots but to set the tempo of the fight by myself as well.”

The only thing left was to create a build around that positioning that would be effective against all kinds of enemies, including groups of experienced veterans as well. The result is Lugzi’s Flailing Knight.

Build Overview

Lugzi’s Flailing Knight is a real tank in terms of survivability. Despite passing on a shield, the build reaches over 70% of base damage mitigation from Armor and Magic Resist. Combined with another 7,5% reduced damage from the item’s passives, the build can easily be pushed to over 6,500 effective health before the Focus Fire debuff kicks in.

Combining that huge health pool with the build’s crowd control and defensive abilities does not only allows it to dive deep into the enemies’ raid but to come back out alive as well.

As the Flailing Knight basically deals no damage on its own, you rely heavily on your team’s ability to capitalize on your engages. You will need area-of-effect damage dealers in your back that start roasting your opponents the moment you have caught them. Combining your area crowd control with their area damage allows you to wipe out entire groups in a single and decisive strike.

Equipment: Weapon

Weapon of Choice: Flail

Defensive Slam

Deals physical damage to an enemy, while increasing Armor and Magic Resist for you and your allies in a 4 meter radius around you for a few seconds. Can affect up to 5 allies.

Pull Area (Tier 5+)

After a short delay, Pull Area pulls all enemies in a 7 meter radius around you towards your position and creates additional threat on enemies hit.

Root Prison

Roots you and your enemies around you for a few seconds while rendering you immune to hostile crowd control effects. After the channel ends, enemies will stay rooted for a short amount of time. The channeling also creates threat on creatures hit.

Passive: Life Leech

Every normal hit restores some health.

Root Prison is one of the strongest area crowd control abilities in Albion and gives your team enough time to follow up on your engage. In combination with Delayed Teleport and the bigger area of effect from Pull Area, you can catch a lot of your opponents in a single sweep, but keep in mind: The more enemies you pull and root, the more damage you will receive once they realized what happened to them!

Equipment: Armor

Helmet: Soldier Helmet

Block (Tier 4+)

You become immune to all enemy spells for a few seconds. You can keep moving during the block, but you cannot attack or use other abilities.

Passive: Toughness

Reduces incoming damage.

Block is your personal life saver as it allows you to get out of any dangerous situation and back into your own party after you have finished your combo. Block can also be used to get through enemies’ wind- or firewalls or hostile crowd control effects.

Chest: Knight Armor

Wind Wall

Conjures a Wind Wall in front of you for a few seconds, which knocks back all enemies hit by it.

Passive: Toughness

Reduces incoming damage.

Wind Wall is a versatile and powerful ability and can be used in both defensive and offensive plays. Blocking off a certain choke point, preventing your enemies from engaging your own party, or pushing the enemy into your damage dealers after you have engaged them are just a few basic examples of what you can do with it.

Boots: Mage Sandals

Delayed Teleport

Choose a ground target within 15 meters. One second after activation, you will be teleported to the desired position. Your cast or channel will not be interrupted by the teleport. However, it is not possible to teleport through obstacles.

Passive: Efficiency (Tier 6+)

Reduces all energy costs.

While Delayed Teleport is your main combo opener, the cooldown is much shorter than the rest of your abilities so don’t hesitate to use it as often as possible. For example, after diving into the enemies’ zerg, Delayed Teleport can be used again as option to escape.

Consumables: Food and Potions


Improves your casting speed and cooldown reduction.

Healing Potion

Regenerates a percentage of your total health over time.

While Stew is another option for this build, the cooldown reduction on your crowd control, your defensive abilities, and your Delayed Teleport is much stronger than a mere health increase. A single good timed teleport or Block can prevent by far more damage.

With your huge damage mitigation in combination with the Focus Fire debuff, you will receive a lot of effective health back by using Healing Potions. This will help to survive on your own until you’re back in range of your healers.

Tips, Tricks, and Combos

For your main combo you chain Delayed Teleport together with Pull Area and Root Prison. Directly after you have used Delayed Teleport, start casting Pull Area. This way your enemies have little to no time to react to your sudden appearance. Once you have pulled together your opponents, use Root Prison to bind them in place for your team to follow up on your engage.

Keep in mind that Delayed Teleport is (as the name suggests) delayed! When using it you have to consider that your enemies are moving around. Try to predict their movement, else you will find yourself out of position without the option for any follow-up.

Always use Defensive Slam to increase your total damage mitigation and keep in mind that, thanks to your flail’s life leech, you can heal yourself. Even if it is just a little, it will help you stay alive longer.

Keep an eye on the battlefield, including your own team’s position. The best catch won’t be of much help if your team’s damage dealers are too far away to follow up with their attacks.

It is important to be patient and wait for the right moment to use your engage. The more enemies are stacked at the same position, the more devastating your combo and your team’s follow-up will be.

Sometimes, especially in wide open areas, you won’t find a good opportunity to engage. In those scenarios, even while your kit is designed to engage, you can still use your abilities to protect your own backline from approaching enemies.

Don’t use Block directly after you have used Delayed Teleport. You have a lot of health and damage mitigation. Constantly assess the situation, your position, and your enemies and wait as long as possible before using Block. Timing this ability correctly will allow you to survive almost any situation.

After Root Prison, you have to make a choice on how to use Wind Wall. If your team was able to follow your engage and your damage dealers are in position, use Wind Wall to push your enemies in the direction of your team. This will allow your pary to finish them off. In case your opponents countered your engage or your team wasn’t able to close the deal, use Wind Wall to save yourself and your team by pushing the enemy away.

What do you think about Lugzi’s Flailing Knight? Do you think his build is the most effective way to engage enemy zergs or do you know a better option? Let us know in the comments below or on our forums!

You can also check out Lugzi’s build on the Character Builder by clicking here.

Want your build to be featured on the Albion Online website? Contact UrzaKeFrostgard via the forums or on Discord (UrzaKeFrostgard#5431).

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