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The Joseph Update is Now Live!

We are excited to finally release our first content update, Joseph, post-launch.

September 27, 2017 at 1:00 PM by Coral

We are excited to finally release our first content update, Joseph, post-launch. Now you can enter the Arena, a 5v5 battle with a control point mechanic, at a major city nearest you. Talk to Joan and redeem your winnings for envious rewards, like the Armored Sabertooth mount.  Fill your pockets with riches of the dead in a Treasure Site found in each biome. Finally, if you’ve had enough of the same ol’ Tier 6 expeditions, now you can go on two more! See if you can defeat the three age-defying sisters and the relentless Governor.

Quick Highlights

  • The Arena Mode – New 5v5 arena-style battle
  • Arena Rewards – Envious rewards for victorious arena battles
  • Treasure Sites – A spooky addition to open-world PvP opportunities
  • Eternal Battle Expedition – Fight through the undead, defeat the reluctant Governor, and restore an ancient city!
  • Three Sister Expedition – Find out what happened to a member of the Royal Guard and see if you can resist the Three Sisters
  • Smart Cast – An easy-to-use feature for ability casting
  • UI Improvements – A few aesthetical and user experience changes to some menus such as the Social menu
  • New Abilities – Starting at Tier 5, select weapons will have new abilities
  • Additional Improvements

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pedrostrik October 8, 2017 20:13

thanks for the blind nerf to natural healer, the only build available for poor casual players, wonderful and thanks again for the unbalanced arenas, its a feature to skip as it is right now, and wheres a story line promised along 2nd BETA?

Jajca October 5, 2017 16:31

how to download??

HapiThots September 30, 2017 18:14

I am excited to pick it up again after the hype wore off. I feel like it is a totally new game. I LOVE the "last online" feature for guilds! Thank you thank you READ MORE SHOW LESS

Jaredcgober September 28, 2017 16:24

next update add 2v2???? Awesome update!! READ MORE SHOW LESS

Urbina September 27, 2017 17:02

Awesome update so far! READ MORE SHOW LESS

Valkyrior September 27, 2017 13:16

Arenas are fun! READ MORE SHOW LESS

Killakill September 27, 2017 13:05

Enjoying the game so far but I'm also still glad to see new content :D. I do hope future plans will be more supportive of open world sandbox like play! READ MORE SHOW LESS

Ravenar September 27, 2017 11:36


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