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Official War Report #10

We're back again with another installment of the Official War Report. Let's take a deep dive into what's been happening across the world of Albion!

October 10, 2017 at 4:00 PM by Shozen

Welcome to the War Report, your week of 09.29 - 10.05 wrap up on the war for Albion.

The war for Mercia

Mercia is a state of full-blown war. The OOPS alliance has been left wondering what happened. After controlling most of Mercia since launch they have recently been on the decline. Up until now, OOPS had been able to fight off all challengers with a single dominant GvG team, however, changes to the lockout system have given the other alliances hope. WOKE, ZERG, and LMAO have all been fighting tooth and nail to claim some of the spoils once held exclusively by OOPS. LMAO specifically has been pushing through Mercia with little to no resistance. With Black Mamba pushing the top teams that own most of Walland Swamp and sprawling out to the Cairngorm Mountains. Grey the other big name of the LMAO alliance has been pushing ZERG hard through the center of Chiltern Highlands taking their shot at OOPs with a successful assault on Clay Hill.

Arkag Chasm

WOKE not to be caught sleeping on the job took the opportunity to take back much of the Arden Forest from OOPS as well after losing matches last week. They once again have control of the Portal Gate in Elmwood. With Chicken Kiss retiring to drink fancy wine, OOPS has had to fall back to the relative safety of the Cairngorm Mountains. Money Guild seems to be the only GvG team making waves for OOPS, but a team that was once untouchable recently has proved vulnerable. Black Mamba seems to sense this and is showing no fear by following them into the center of MG territory with an attack vs Arkag Chasm. Though able to avoid the venomous grasp of Mamba for a day, OOPS has shown themselves vulnerable to an attack. Perhaps a new King’s reign is on the horizon.

Mercia is in such a state of flux that the Cairngorm Mountains even saw the reemergence of Gentlemen. As they not only took back their farm but also pushed into Creag Madaid. It’s said that WOKE doesn’t like NAPS, but perhaps in this case they were caught sleeping. 

Feeding Time in Cumbria

Cumbria is quite volatile at the moment with the early existence of first Vendetta, then EOS and now Chicken Kiss are creating a power vacuum of epic proportions. It has been quite the battle for the carcasses of these once-great guilds. In the world of Albion, however, when one guild falls, another is always quick to take its place. Lord Vicious and his Exploited ilk were quick to pounce on the opportunity.

Chicken Scraps

Cannock Forest, the old stomping grounds of EOS and Chicken Kiss has become NERF territory. EOS cannot be happy with Lord Vicious as he recently fooled them into selling KDS, a city plot on the cheap. Immediately after the sale, Lord Vicious took quite a bit of pride in the act of informing Sam of EOS that he had just negotiated the sale of the plot. He paid for it with the Gold he took from the EOS coffers on his way out the door.

KDS joined-up with NERF and are currently enjoying the spoils of both Chicken Kiss and EOS. They might want to avoid celebrating too hard though, as Grey seems intent on getting in on the scraps of Henip's dynasty. LMAO seems intent on gaining as much ground in Cumbria as it can. The land bridge between Mid and High black holds quite a bit of strategic value. The home plot of Chicken Kiss may find itself under attack any day now as Grey owns all the territory around the Shaded Grove. An assault seems inevitable.

To the south, the Grampian Mountains are solely in the hands of Say My Name and the GEAR alliance with Hammer And Sickle now controlling the majority of Pennine Highlands to the west. Crimson Imperium Reborn of POE, control a northern strip of the highlands with The Solar. Their influence ends there though and does not extend into the steppes of Roan as both Roan and the swamps of Trimley are LMAO territory.

LMAO is currently dominating much of the world with 67 plots and 1,956 members they own a plot for every 29 members. That's incredibly impressive. ARCH, for example, the current largest alliance in the game has 9 territories and 8,386 members or roughly 930 members per plot. OOPS, the once-mighty-powerhouse-of-Mercia is down to its final 19 plots for one plot for every 76 members.

LMAO’s top two guilds, Grey and Black Mamba have made their presence known across the entire globe. With a number of skilled GvG teams taking on all challengers LMAO are now able to engage on multiple fronts without risking losses from inferior teams. Black Mamba’s A-Team has certainly pushed itself to the top of the mountain and is on par with the best teams the game has to offer.

GvG Spotlight: Money Guild VS Black Mamba from twitch.tv/Snowlez

In this week’s GvG spotlight, we get to see two of the very best go at it for a tactically important location. Not only is Arkag Chasm important tactically for its dungeon access, it holds significant symbolic value to Money Guild. Once the uncontested top dog of Albion, OOPS and Money Guild have seen their holdings shrink recently, the loss of Arkag Chasm could have devastating effects on the morale of a once-great alliance.

Money Guild, having seen some members go casual or in the case of {LFT}Whated, who took on new roles in the community Money Guild needed to find new members to step up to the A-Team. They joined their longtime partners KingMojo and Derrick in defense of their guild pride.

Black Mamba, fresh from victory in the Well of the World, wanted to send a message to the previous owners by taking the last of OOPS’s high-value targets. With a team consisting of the most recognizable names in Albion, Black Mamba is able to face any team with confidence and poise. No Joke, this is Snowlez Healza and Aggressor on one team.

Watch for the combos, timing, and spacing these teams use. They rarely dance and waste movement. Both teams try to avoid clumping and make sure to make the other team pay when clumps happen.

Who is this guy? Lord Vicious

Lord Vicious is dangerous and wants you to know it. Having already taken down 3 home plots through unconventional means, he finds much of the population of Albion Online to be easy pickings. Coming from a game of a similar nature, where he was well known as an instigator, he sees our community’s insistence on playing “by the rules” and using only “in-game” features, as an opportunity to exploit our naïveté and sees it as a weakness.

Claiming 10 years of experience as one of the richest and most dangerous men from a similar game, he specializes in infiltrating guilds and taking them down from the inside without a fight.

In his short time in Albion, he has already made quite a name for himself. As a former member of EOS, who didn’t leave on good terms he takes special pride in any tears shed by his former guilds mates. Especially Sam, who he claims kicked him from EOS without realizing that his alt (alternate character) had Master of Coin. A position he used to leave EOS with a 360k Gold deficit of funds. Don’t worry folks, he was kind enough to give some of that Gold back recently when he bought a home plot off of Sam at what he called "a very generous price."

A devious, scheming, and dangerous opponent, Lord Vicious’s goal is to make sure his enemies never feel safe. Even inside their home plot.

Tune in for our next episode on Friday the 13th, when we will further explore how Black Mamba got where they are and what other guilds are making big plays. We will even take a look at Anglia, the continent of the far west!

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