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Joseph Update Trailer and the Arena Explained

Less than one week left until Joseph arrives! Watch the update trailer as we showcase the Arena mode, Treasure Sites, Tier 6 Expeditions, abilities and more!

September 21, 2017 at 1:00 PM by Coral

Check out our update trailer and feast your eyes on the new Arena mode, haunted Treasure Sites, Tier 6 Expeditions and more!

Visit the Joseph update page for more information about the update, or continue reading as we expand on the new Arena.

The Arena


The Arena is a newly added mode for 5v5 battles with a capture point mechanic.

How does the Arena work?

Both teams will spawn at separate camps which will be used throughout the match as a base for teams to recover and respawn. Runestones are first capturable 60 seconds after leaving the camps. This gives teams a chance to get their bearings and begin strategizing.

Runestones can be captured by at least one team member entering the ring around the Runestone. The color of the ring will change to blue to represent your team.  However, when an opponent enters the ring, the capturing progress will be halted. Fight off the opponents and regain control of the Runestone to continue the capturing progress. If your team loses control of the Runestone, the color of the ring will change to orange.

Once a Runestone is captured, it will be destroyed. After all three Runestones have been destroyed, they will be automatically reconstructed and become capturable again.

Each team starts with 150 points. The objective is to bring the opposing team's score to 0 by eliminating them and by capturing Runestones. When either team's score reaches 0, the match will end and the team with points remaining is rewarded.


How do I join the arena?

Joan Entrence

Located in every major city, you will find Joan, the Arena Master. Speak with her or click on the Arena Icon found on the menu at the top right of your screen to join the Arena.

A menu will prompt you to select either solo or group for queuing. The queueing system works similarly to the expeditions and should feel familiar. Your role will need to be selected among fighter or healer. Keep in mind that there must be at least one dedicated healer per team to enter the Arena. Once a match is found, click the "Start" button on the right-hand side of the screen to invoke the teleportation spell into the Arena.

To enter the Arena, you and your party members must have an average of Tier 4 (700 item power) gear worn as a minimum. So yes, even if you’re still finding your way in Albion, you too can get a taste of PvP.


Arena Rewards

Should your team be victorious, Arena Sigils will be awarded. Arena Sigils can be redeemed for rewards or traded with others. Each character can collect three Arena Sigils for the first three winning matches per day with a maximum of nine Arena Sigils per day.

Item Preview

Speak to the Arena Master, Joan, to spend your hard-earned Arena Sigils at the rewards shop. Below you can get a glimpse at what your character might look like prancing around on an Armored Sabertooth.

Arena Veteran's Armored Sabertooth

Armored Sabertooth


Arena Veteran's Armored Horse

Armored Horse


Arena Veteran's Large Banner

Large Banner


Reward list

  • Arena Veteran's Eyepatch
  • Arena Veteran's Circlet
  • Arena Veteran's Cloak
  • Arena Veteran's Boots
  • Arena Veteran's Cape
  • Modest Arena Display
  • Grand Arena Display
  • Glorious Arena Display
  • Arena Veteran's Small Banner
  • Arena Veteran's Medium Banner
  • Arena Veteran's Large Banner
  • Arena Veteran's Armored Horse
  • Arena Veteran's Armored Sabertooth
  • Adept's Royal Sigil
  • Expert's Royal Sigil
  • Master's Royal Sigil

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