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Bunny Slayer Event

Will you prove yourself and become the bunny slayer Albion needs?

March 29, 2018 at 1:50 PM by Elsa

The adventurers of Albion have brought many of the customs from their former homes to this new land. One of them is the belief that the bunny represents the fertility of the earth as it warms up and crops begin to flourish.

However, Albion’s Magic seems to have gone a bit overboard and the bunnies of the land are multiplying at a furious rate! Therefore, the rulers have asked that all citizens participate in a bunny hunt to help get their numbers under control and save their carrot crops. The brave heroes who set out on the adventure and slaughter the most bunnies will be greatly rewarded.

Will you prove yourself and become the bunny slayer Albion needs?

Event information

Event begins on Friday the 30th of March at 11 UTC and ends on Wednesday the 4th of April at 11 UTC.

Slay rabbits found in the Forest or Mountain biome to qualify for this event. Note that bunnies spawned from the Bunny Stalker hats do not count towards your score.

Each day, we will publish the leaderboard of the top Bunny slayers for that day on the forums and reward the top players.

Daily prizes for top 3 players:

  1. Snow Bunny Stalker Hat
  2. Bunny Stalker vanity set
  3. Egg-shaped Chest

Prizes for the top 3 overall players:

  1. All Rites of Spring vanity items + 10,000 gold
  2. 7,000 gold
  3. 1,750 gold

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