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Arena Playtest

Joseph is now on our Testserver and the Arena is open for testing at certain times. Find out more here.

September 15, 2017 at 2:45 PM by Coral

The coming content update Joseph has now been put on our Staging Server and the Arena will be available for testing at the following times:

Friday, 15.09 18-20 UTC

Saturday, 16.09 2-4 UTC and 18-20 UTC

Sunday, 17.09 2-4 UTC and 18-20 UTC

Monday, 18.09 2-4 UTC and 17-21 UTC

Tuesday, 19.09 1-5 UTC and 18-20 UTC

Wednesday, 09.20 2-4 UTC and 17-19 UTC

Thursday, 09.21 2-4 UTC

Outside of these time frames, the Arena will not be available! Additional time frames may be added later.


How to participate in the Arena battles?

Minimum requirement is an average item power of 700

To join the arena, interact with the Arena Master in any major city or simply use the new Arena button in the upper right corner of the interface

Wait until you receive an invite and confirm your joining by pressing the start button

Enjoy your Arena matches and give us feedback here!

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