The World Of Albion

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The Royal Expeditionary Forces

Although the initial excursion into Albion is widely regarded as a failure, it succeeded in one important regard: it showed the King in the Old World that Albion was rich in natural resources.

A second expedition to Albion was launched, this time with no expense spared. Where the first colonists were convicts, criminals and the desperate, with limited resources and shoddy equipment, the Royal Expeditionary Forces represent the Old World’s finest.

They arrived in Albion five years ago and their mission was simple: to establish a foothold on Albion’s coast, enabling two things. One, that future arrivals would have a place to acclimatise themselves before striking out into the unknown and, two, to tax these new arrivals and ensure that a steady stream of coin makes its way back to the King’s coffers. It is a matter of some debate which duty is considered the more important.

To achieve their mission, the Royal Expeditionary Forces secured a safe zone, walling off a chunk of Albion. On their side of the wall, they make sure the King’s law is upheld and citizens who journey to Albion are expected to respect it and each other. They care little for what happens on the other side, however.

That’s not to say that the area they patrol is completely safe. There are still plenty of foxes and wolves and Heretics and Undead waiting for those that stray too far from the cities.

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The Royal Army

Dressed in gleaming armor and standing proud in their red and gold, the Royal Army represents the King’s might in Albion. They guard the wall, patrol the safe zones and intervene should any break the law.

While they are not afraid to engage with hostile factions in Albion if they have to, their preferred tactic has been to employ colonists for the more dangerous work - that way, they only have to pay the ones that come back.

While the Royal Army have a significant presence, they do not have the resources to mount a sustained campaign into Albion. At this time, the King’s attention is firmly on the Old World, with Albion seen as a resource to fuel his campaigns at home. Whether this changes as reports of Albion’s wealth reach the King’s ears remains to be seen.
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The Royal Artisans

From the great wall, to the tents that the Royal Expeditionary Forces use, to the forges, to the statues of the Founders: all are the work of the Royal Artisans.

When they first arrived, parts of Albion were transformed by their skill. More recently they have stepped back, taking a support role for new crafters stepping off the boat.

With a tendency to stay in the cities, the Royal Artisans have seen little of Albion’s horrors and remain upbeat, enjoying the challenge of civilising these wild lands from a safe distance. If you can earn their favor, they can supply you with the finest tools and equipment the Old World has to offer.
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The Royal Stewards

Tasked with moving goods across Albion and, where possible, back to the Old World, the Royal Stewards not only succeed in thwarting the many bandits and natural obstacles that are thrown at them, they always manage to deliver on time.

For those that can afford them, there is no safer or quicker company to travel in.

The Stewards operate several shipping routes along the coast, in addition to caravans that travel through the safe zones.
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The Royal Foragers

Clad in more muted colors than their military counterparts, the Royal Foragers were first to explore Albion’s coasts. They work ceaselessly to identify new resources in order to direct others towards them, stripping the land as fast as they are able.

They also influence the market in Albion, declaring what is currently in demand in the Old World.

For those who are willing to take the risk, there is good profit to be made venturing into Albion’s untamed areas and selling the resources found there back to the Foragers.
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