The World Of Albion

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The Demons of Hell

In the strictest sense, the demons are not a faction within Albion. They do not live or reside there in any real sense of the word. However, given the impact they have had on Albion’s history and the frequency with which they manage to claw their way into the world, it would be foolish to ignore them.

In Albion, you might meet a rogue demon that has managed to cross over but they are more commonly encountered in service to the Disciples of Morgana. Either way, you will have a tough fight on your hands!


The Imps

As the smallest demons, Imps spend most of their time either hiding from or being pushed around by their larger brethren. Because of this Imps truly delight in any chance they get to put that misery onto others. Though they aren’t the strongest of creatures, the claws and teeth of an Imp are sharp enough to give most pause. However, they are most deadly at range, taking to the air and spitting fire at their enemy. Imps also possess magic to even the odds, using dark curses to bring prey down to their level.

Some imps are bound to service by the Disciples of Morgana. Their colouring is darker and they tend to be more devious, luring unsuspecting wanderers off the paths of Albion and into the demon realms. Whether this is on the orders of their masters or part of some other agenda is unclear.

The Fiends

The most common of the demons. Fiends are usually only encountered in the demonic planes, though they will jump into Albion any chance they get. Fiends look humanoid, but with long claw tipped arms, and thick, rocky skin. They show signs of intelligence but this mostly seems focused towards hunting and hurting. Some speculate that fiends evolve over time, accumulating souls to grow, and eventually become Demon Lords. Others suggest that demons never change, and Fiends simply exist as petty manifestations of hate.

Fiends can also be found as the controlled slaves of the Disciples of Morgana. As with the Imps, their behaviour is different and their colours muted, though they remain similar in all other respects.

The Gatekeepers

Gatekeepers are large demons of impressive power. They find their way into the world through weakspots where the rituals of the Disciples of Morgana have pushed back the mists. What marks them as different to most other demons is their ability to remain in Albion.

Gatekeepers use this freedom to wander Albion, preparing the way for more demons to follow. If the Gatekeeper is killed and their body ripped back to hell, a way to the demonic planes is revealed for any foolish or brave enough to take it.
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The Demon Lords

Though lesser demons might be mistaken for a man at a distance, no such mistake could be made with the Demon Lords. Getting to heights of seven metres, with four arms and three heads, lava seeping from skin like angry blood, they are nightmares that linger in the minds of all who see them.

A Demon Lord may be the evolution of a Fiend, or perhaps the merging of a pack of demons, or perhaps something else entirely. Those who have encountered one don’t waste time asking silly questions!