The Game

  • Game Features

    • Is there a cash shop where I can buy gear?

      No – we do not sell items that give a combat advantage to players for real-world money. All weapons, armor, buildings, and other items are crafted by and bartered between players as part of our player-driven economy.

  • Game Mechanics

    • I'm a solo player - what's there for me to do in Albion Online?

      We are constantly working to add new solo-player content to the game, and the Lancelot Update in March 2018 brought new open-world content like fishing, roaming mobs, luxury goods, and additional Expeditions to the game. Although Albion Online is geared towards group PvPers, we aim to continually diversify the player experience to appeal to solo and PvE-centered players as well.

    • Does the game really have open, unrestricted, full-loot PvP? What if I don't like this/don't want it all the time?

      We’re big fans of old-school MMOs, in which hardcore PvP with heavy losses was the standard. We think MMOs of recent years have been made too easy, with little to no punishment for death, and we believe that no risk means no reward: if a player can lose everything upon death, he or she will find victory so much more rewarding!

      i) What if I don't like this/don't want it all the time?

      Don’t worry! If your thirst for blood clocks off at weekends, you can explore Albion Online’s PvP-restricted regions, where you can flag yourself "hostile" or "friendly". If a hostile player attacks you, he or she will lose reputation and become a criminal. Criminal players may find themselves unwelcome in yellow and red zones, and unable to unflag.

      We also have regions in which there is no PvP allowed at all, giving you the freedom to decide how much PvP you’d like to do, and when.

      Be aware, though, that your progression will be faster if you venture into the open PvP zones, so at some stage you will likely have to engage in the kind of PvP we’re into – but you have some time to gain confidence, first!

      Albion Online has different zones:

      Blue (Safe) – Easy PvE content, no PvP allowed
      Yellow – Easy to medium PvE content, limited PvP. Your gear loses durability when you get knocked down.
      Red – Medium to hard PvE content, semi-limited PvP. Flagging friendly is still possible, but you will die if you lose a PvP fight.
      Black (Outlands only) – Free-for-all PvP, no reputation loss or criminal system