Referral Rewards

    • How can I refer friends?

      There are three ways to refer a friend to earn rewards.

      1. Send them a Trial Key. As soon as your friend redeems the key, they will count as referred by you. If it’s your first, fifth or 25th referral in this referral season, you will also immediately receive the rewards associated with that. If they later upgrade to a Starter Pack, you will receive the in-game currency for the Trial Key back – and, after 7 days, additional Gold rewards.
      2. Gift them a Starter Pack. As soon as your friend redeems the key, they will count as referred by you. 7 days after the Starter Pack has been redeemed, you will receive your Gold reward – plus additional bonuses, if this was your first, fifth or 25th referral in this season.
      3. Send them your referral link. If they then register an account with that link, they will count as referred by you. 7 days after they purchase and redeem a Starter Pack for themselves, you will receive your Gold reward – plus additional bonuses, if this was your first, fifth, or 25th referral this season.
    • Why are my referrals not shown on my account?

      A registration after a successful referral will increase your number of Total Registrations on your Referral Statistics Page by 1. Anonymized details of the most recent referrals are on top.

      Once a successfully referred user purchases a Starter Pack, it will appear in the table on that page as "pending", outlining which sort of rewards you can expect. Because of the potential for chargebacks and cancellations, it can take around 7 business days for a transaction to totally clear, and only then your referral bonus will be credited to your account.

    • Why are my referrals shown as 'pending'?

      If a referral is showing as "pending", the transaction has not yet been finally cleared. Due to the potential for chargebacks and cancellations, this clearance can take up to 7 business days.

      If a referral is pending, it means that the referral has been successful, ie. the referral was made correctly; our system is just waiting on confirmation that the transaction has cleared.

    • Does gifting a key give me a referral reward?

      Yes, it does!

      If you gift a Starter Pack or a Trial Key to a friend, they will automatically be counted as referred by you – as long as they did not have a previous Starter Pack or Trial Key redeemed.

    • Why is there a countdown in my referral overview?

      The countdown shows the remaining time in the current referral season. Each referral season lasts for a few months and all referrals made during this time count towards that season’s progress – and the associated item rewards.

      Every new season, there is another set of cool item rewards you can aim for. This does, of course, not influence your Gold rewards from referrals in any way.

    • When will I receive my referral Gold reward?

      Your referral gold will be credited to your account 7 days after your friend has purchased an Albion Online Pack.

      To find out what you could be earning for each referral, log in to our website, and then on Invite Friends page, go to Overview. There you can find a list of how much gold you will receive per pack sold through your referral link.

    • How much Gold will I get for referring friends?

      Inviting friends to play Albion Online through your referral link earns you in-game Gold as a reward. For each different tier of Starter Pack (Legendary, Epic, Veteran) you will receive a certain amount of Gold, credited to your account.

      The amount of gold is as follows for each tier of pack sold:

      • Veteran ($29.95) | 2000 Gold
      • Epic ($49.95) | 3000 Gold
      • Legendary ($99.95) | 4000 Gold

      Gold is rewarded per Starter Pack sold to players who are logged as referred by you. You will be credited within 7 business days after the referred player bought their pack. This list is also visible on our website, on the Invite Friends page. Simply click on Invite Friends -> Overview in the table on the right hand side of the page to see the amount listed. For a complete overview see this page:

    • Which items will I receive for referring friends?

      The item reward system for referring friends works based on the total number of packs referred, regardless of the Tier of the pack. The reward items change every now and then, the counter resets and you will get the chance to get the new rewards as well! Visit the Referral Overview page for the updated rewards list.