Referral Rewards

    • How can I refer friends?

      Very easily. Just send them your referral link which you can find at Note that you must have an account and be logged into the website to view your personalized referral page.

      If your friends sign up after clicking your link, you will be registered as their referrer and you will earn rewards when your friend buys 30 days or more of Premium status for the first time.

    • Which items will I receive for referring friends?

      Your very first referral ever will earn you a Recruiter’s Pile of Tomes, worth a significant amount of Fame.

      Additionally, special seasonal reward items are given out for the 1st, 3rd and 5th qualifying referral per season. These rewards change with every referral season.

    • Why are my referrals shown as "pending"?

      If a referral is showing as "pending", the transaction has not yet been finally cleared. Due to the potential for chargebacks and cancellations, this clearance can take up to 7 business days.

      If a referral is pending, it means that the referral has been successful, i.e. the referral was made correctly; our system is just waiting on confirmation that the transaction has cleared.

    • Why is there a countdown in my referral overview?

      The countdown shows the remaining time in the current referral season. Each referral season usually lasts for a calendar month and all your referred friends that make their first Premium purchase of 30 days or more during this time count towards that season’s progress.

      Every new season, there is another set of cool item rewards you can aim for. This applies on top of the Gold rewards you can earn.