Playing Albion Online

  • Availability

    • Can I play Albion Online on my phone?

      Not officially, no. Albion Online will be available on Android and iOS (iOS only several months after release). It is technically possible to play on a phone, but please keep in mind that Albion Online is not a typical mobile title. It is a full MMO experience, and we believe that the game can only be enjoyed to its fullest on a screen size of at least 7 inches.

      While it might technically still be possible, we do not officially support playing on phones

      We apologise for any inconvenience, but we're proud of our project and want all of our players to get the best experience of the final product that they can.

    • Will Albion Online be available on Steam?

      This might happen in the future! For the foreseeable future we will keep distribution via our website only, which allows us a lot more control over what’s going on. We’re a big fan of the helpful features of Steam, though, so we will look into it again at a later date.

    • Which platforms is Albion Online available to play on?

      Albion is available on Windows, OSX and Linux. You can already download the Android .apk, but full Android and iOS Support will be available at a later date.

      Please note that public testing is not available on iOS; Founders cannot test Albion Online on an iPad. This is due to issues with publishing apps on Apple's App Store, and we apologize for any inconvenience. The iOS version will be available several months after release.


    • Will Albion Online be translated into [language]?

      Albion Online is already available in several languages: English, German, Russian, French, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish. We are always keeping an eye on whether it is feasible to add additional languages.

      We want our localization to be of the highest standard. Implementing and keeping a new language is up to date is a serious effort - and if we do it, we want to do it right.

  • Reporting bugs & cheats

    • There's a bug in the game

      You can report a bug in game by typing the following into your chat window: #bug “report”. You will get a confirmation that it has been transmitted to us and we will look into it.

      The best way for a detailed report is via our forums:

      Please make the report as concise and detailed as you can, including, if applicable:

      • The name and tier of the bugged weapon/building/helm, etc.
      • The name of the bugged ability
      • Exact numerical values

      Important note: Please make your bug reports as clear as possible. Reports such as “my sword isn’t doing enough damage” are not helpful, and slow down the QA team. Try something like “my T2 Broadsword autoattack should be doing X points of physical damage, but is only doing Y.”

      Thank you in advance for your wonderful reports - any bug we can find and squash now means a better Albion Online!

    • How to report cheats and exploits?

      Note that we take cheating and exploit-abuse very seriously and our usual reaction is an immediate ban of the corresponding accounts.

      You can help us in detecting cheats and improving our cheat prevention and detection.

      Please observe the following process:

      • Do not make the exploits or cheats public. This will only encourage other players to try them out / use them as well.
      • Do not alert the alleged cheater that you are going to report him! We have an internal tool that allows us to track alleged cheaters, thus collecting valuable proof and also some background info on how the cheat/exploit actually works.
      • Do not start using the cheat/exploit yourself. It is okay though to reproduce the cheat once while making a video of it such that you can send it to us as proof, provided that this does not grant you an in-game advantage or hurts other players.

      Please report cheats and persons you suspect of cheating through either our reports forum (where only employees of Sandbox Interactive can read) or by sending an e-mail to and include the following information:

      • Character name of the alleged cheater
      • Short description of the cheat/exploit: how does it work, what does it do? Can you reproduce it and how?
      • Ideally link to a video showing the cheat/exploit in action